10 October 2009

Hunter's First Parade

Last weekend Hunter when to our towns fall festival's parade. I figured he wouldn't know what to think of it and not really be into it. Boy was I wrong. Hunter picked up quickly and would even jump up and down chanting Candy ... Candy... Candy... with the rest of the kids. Great! I already got a candy hound on my hands. Boy did he clean house as well. His bag of candy almost filled our cookie jar. He isn't even two yet what is he going to do with all that candy?! I guess mom and dad will just have to help out!
Course I found out yesterday that apparently before I put the candy in the cookie jar Hunter took time to stash candy around the house.
So now he keeps coming out of his room, living room, or kitchen with a sucker or a tootsie roll stuck in his mouth with the wrapper still on, but soaking wet.


Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

I loved taking my girls to parades when they were little. The looks on their faces was priceless! He is getting so big!

Brad said...

Kids are so wonderful. I remember you enjoying the parades at Disneyworld. It seems like yesterday.