11 June 2009

No Hunter it is Sheep.

I have been working with Hunter on animal names and sounds. He is actually pretty good at it. Whenever he sees a dog he barks at it and if he hears a cat he walks around meowing at it while chasing the thing hopping the cat will let him pick it up by the tail. Yes we are working on that. : )He also has these baby Einstein animal books from his Aunt Terra that he loves. When he turns the page he makes the sound of the animal. (of course not the rabbit page he looks at it confused. I don't know what noise rabbits make so I go ehh that's all folks)

Hunter was carrying around his fisher price sheep and so I asked him to say sheep. He must have misunderstood me cause a four letter S word came out instead. I said no Sheep. Even more clearly he said his four letter S word. I literally went and got Q-tips and cleaned out his ears and tried again. Apparently ear wax wasn't the problem and Hunter was looking at me perplexed wondering why I wasn't cheering him on for his new learned word. (Yes typically I am super cheesy excited for him about every little thing.) I decided that sheep was a better word to learn in a month or two and I just pray that they don't have sheep in Nursery at church or the elders might be taking me aside wondering what I am teaching my 16 month old!

PS look at Hunter's shirt. Isn't that tool belt adorable?!


Earl Gearl said...

That's so funny! And yes, the toolbelt on his shirt is great!

April said...

HaHa, that reminds me of when my oldest was little and we were trying to get him to say bridge right. For some reason is was always witch except replace the w with a b. It was amusing but he did eventually say it right.

Heather said...

SUCH a cute shirt!! He'll be able to say "sheep" soon. My girls always struggled with "prince". It always came out "b***h".

John Deere Mom said...

Ha! Too cute!!

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

Thats funny!!

My youngest said, Sex instead of Six.