04 June 2009

Don't mess with Momma

I have learned exactly how protective my lil Hunter is of his momma. Hunter was playing with some toys in our room and Tony and I were rough housing. Just jokingly Tony pushed me off the bed. Hunter stood up, was beet red, and started screaming. Tony tried to pick Hunter up to console him, but Hunter emphatically pushed him away and came running to me. I picked him up and he gave me a tight hug, would turn and give Tony the dirtiest look and then would hug me again. It was almost twenty minutes before Hunter forgave Tony and would let Tony touch him or talk to him.

Further updates beyond Hunter adding banana to his repertoire of words Hunter had yet another opportunity to play on bouncers. What a lucky kid. Our church had an outdoor devotional and play event this past Wednesday. What a great idea to get people to come check us out and fellowship. The neighbor kids came and his friend from day care came. Hunter was sure excited. Course there were a lot more kids there than there were at his friends party, so he would want in the bouncer and out over and over. Hey I guess he has the prerogative to change his mind.

One embarrassing story on my part. The neighbor girl needed to go to the bathroom, so I took her into the building to show her where the restrooms were. Well I couldn't find the light switches, so I accidentally said here you go and opened the door to the cleaning closest. Poor girl was a little confused at first and then she laughed so hard and said make sure you tell my mommie this story. Great great... we couldn't just keep it a secret could we.

Today we got to go to our first Church play group. On my previous schedule I was always unable to go. I guess working nights has a benefit. You can make any day activity as long as you are willing to put up with the sleep deprivation. Hey my kid is worth it. I want him to be able to have as much of the benefits as kids do with stay at home moms as possible. (I would love to be a stay at home mom and we are working towards it.)However,my house is taking a back seat cause I can't do it all and I am picking spending time with my kid of doing windows! Anyways... wow that was a tangent... The park we went to was beautiful. It is definitely a redo. Course after Hunter got his bearings he headed right for one of the slides and he camped out there until he needed a swing break. : )

Oh yes I almost forgot that his papa bear taught Hunter how to throw dirt clods today! Great! lol
All in all I had a great couple of days with Hunter even if Tony got a couple of dirty looks. : ) Hey don't mess with momma.


Rebecca Jo said...

Sounds like your little man is staying busy with FUN!!!!

I love his smile coming down the slide!!!

i'd totally have to not keep the closet story a secret either... its too funny of a story! I'd be like "She wanted me to pee in there!"!!! :)

Mercedes said...

Thanks! Course that pix makes me realize how white I still am. I don't understand cause I spend the majority of my time outside and I am horrible about wearing sunscreen. Oh well at least I don't burn typically. Thanks for stopping by and have a great friday.