22 April 2009


My Hunter is a stubborn one. I started weening after he turned one. I did the gradual way like the Doctor suggested by just reducing a session at a time and delaying the others. Now that my goal is to be done by the end of the week Hunter and I are a mess. He can't be inside the house with me with out crying with the cutest eyes in desperation with a look that says "don't you love me any more mommie?!". Luckily once we go outside he totally forgets and becomes infatuated with the outdoors. If only we could camp outside and we would be golden. Once we step foot back inside I have to hide out in the bedroom while Anton rocks him to sleep. I am so glad that I have a partner to help me. Otherwise I don't think we could ever get through this. Ugh. Hopefully in a week Hunter will still know I love him.


Earl Gearl said...

That sounds like tons of fun! Can't wait!

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

I feel for both of you!

I never weened....I just let my girls stop when they wanted. My mom & sister's nursed like that. I guess we are old school. Meg stopped the day she turned 2 and Tori was 3. Shocking, I know. But at that time (20 months on) they were only nursing nap time and bedtime.