29 April 2009

Redneck Woman

Okay this morning my Redneck came shining through. As I was driving my hour drive to work going....okay the speed limit was 70 mph... this deer decided it was a great time to get to the other side of the road. She almost did until I smacked her with my pretty Saturn Vue and killed her. Don't worry I am okay.. mad, but okay. The deer well lets just say she died quickly. So I sat in the rain on the side of the road to gather my thoughts and my doors didn't open well. Who did I call? Tony about 50 times to no avail so then I called the police. About 20 min later the state trooper found me. Luckily he pulled my door open for me so I could get out. Then I saw my pretty vue. It was horrible my head light was hanging, my front end totally crunched in, and covered with deer hair and blood. I said that is it I am throwing the deer in the back of my car. The state trooper started laughing. I informed him that I was completely serious and started dragging it to my car. If it did that much damage to my pretty car that I was getting something out of it. I made him help throw it in the back of my car and then followed him to get the salvage tag. All the while he was laughing.
As I met him at the station he is just cracking up and has a group of guys that one by one came and looked in my trunk and started laughing. The game warden gave me plastic to put around the deer while laughing. The state trooper said he had seen men keep deer before, but never someone like me who was dressed for work. I told him it was the most expensive deer I killed (500 dollar insurance deductible) and I wasn't going to leave it. He just laughed again.
Turns out it was going to be a momma deer and had two babies in her stomach. They were cute. Made me feel a little bad, but hey she is the one that ran out in front of my pretty Saturn Vue. What could I do? Might as well put her to good use.


Jenae said...

I am so glad you are okay!

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

I'm glad you are ok, too!!! It could have been worse!

I don't think I could have ate it after knowing she was preggos!

I bet those men will be talking about you for a very, very long time!! :)

The Family of N said...

Just to let you know, I had to join our wonderful law enforcement people and laugh at you as well. I don't hunt so this is something I would not have done!!

Tamara aka Cheapskate Mom said...

OMG I have to show my husband this post, lol!

Poor Momma deer but poor your car too. Double on the poor babies that is sad.

Molly said...

Scary! Now this makes sense to me, that if you hit a deer you should be able to eat the darned thing. We can't do that here and I just think that is wasteful.

Brad said...

It wouldn't have been legal for Mercedes to have taken the deer if she hadn't gotten the salvage tag from the game warden. I am pretty sure they have salvage tags in most states.

I am proud of you though. You didn't mention that you took the deer home and field dressed it yourself. That would really establish you as a redneck woman.


The Wendt Family said...

So glad to see that you haven't lost your humor and spunkiness from when you were a little girl. You go girl!

Love you!

Aunt Chelle