18 April 2009

Packing it In!

Oh no... I have too much to blog about. Where to begin. I have been so bad lately. I feel like I can't blog with out pictures and lately I have been procrastinating on uploading my pix of my camera. Shame shame shame. Anyways back to bragging about my baby.. excuse me toddler. My baby is growing up..*tear* I just threw this picture in cause I thought he was cute in my brother's old hat he wore as a kid. Awww. Moving on now. : )
What is it about children and trying to figure out where they can fit! Almost anywhere we go Hunter investigates to find new places to stick himself. Hunter Honey I don't think people want to check you out so the library shelf isn't really a place for you.

Happy Bday Grampa Brown. Today was Grampa Brown's 50th Birthday! He came to visit his little Hunter. They sure had fun. Of course they took a trip to the zoo. This was the first time Hunter walked the majority of the time instead of being held or pushed. It made the trip a lot more entertaining. It was like following a little monkey all around the zoo. Hear Hunter is sharing fish food with the koi... 2 for the koi 1 for hunter... : )

The weather was great for the zoo. It was cool enough that all the animals were active. Hunter had some serious communications with the bears. I am just glad there was glass... Hunter seems to have no fear.

After all the fun with Grampa Brown and he headed home Hunter went to the Garden to help out... AKA eat dirt. I am just waiting for the dirt filled diaper tonight. Yuck!


Rebecca Jo said...

Oh my... that picture of him in front of the bear freaked me out... I didnt see the glass there for a minute... WHEW!

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

Ha I didn't see the glass either and was a little freaked out!

Yeah, babies do love to go in every nook they can.

Brad said...

He did jump back when the bear lunged at him though. He isn't completely fearless.


Paula said...

That bear picture is a real classic. I couldn't tell there was glass there, either!