13 April 2009

HipHoppity Easter!

What an action packed Easter! By the time Easter had arrived we had dyed eggs three times! We just wanted to be sure we were ready!
The Saturday before Easter Hunter went with his neighbor friends to the Zoo Easter egg hunt! The three of them sure can keep each other entertained! The girls kept trying to carry Hunter everywhere. Hunter just wanted to chase the geese while grunting at them. I was afraid the geese would attack Hunter, but apparently the noise he was making intimidated them. The Geese would waddle away look at him, Hunter would grunt, and then the Geese would run.What perfect weather to chase Geese and look for eggs!
By the time we got home from the zoo Granny Di was waiting for us to go to the Friend's University Egg Hunt( My old Alma Mater)We were eleven Minutes late and the Hunt was over. There were Kids everywhere! Luckily they had an Easter carnival following the Hunt. It was a very well put together carnival. They had activities for all age groups, so Hunter even had plenty of options to keep himself entertained. Course he was happy just watching all the kids while laughing, clapping, and grunting. He was just beside himself!Course then Hunter found the duck pond and he parked himself there. Kids would come up and take their turn while Hunter was sitting there next to them. He helped the kids find the winning duck cause he would pick up the ducks and show the kids the number before they would pick his/her duck. They thought it was sweet...Hunter was completely oblivious he was just fascinated by the moving water.
By the time we got to Granny Di's House Hunter was pooped out! At least he slept well!
Easter Sunday was a rainy day here. I normally love rain, but I was so looking forward to an egg Hunt outside for Hunter. My Hunter looked super handsome in his suit regardless of the weather. We made the best of it! We stuffed ourselves silly and then looked for the Goodies the Easter bunny left us inside. Hunter of course found all of the eggs on the stairs and the bed. Course after he found each egg he would open it and want to eat the goodies. When I put the eggs in his basket he would get mad at me thinking I was stealing his goodies. Good thing he doesn't get candy often cause it sure makes Hunter bossy! By the time it was all over I was pooped and Hunter was on a sugar high running around. Researchers say that there is no such thing as a sugar high. I say these researchers do not have children! Hunter is my case study and he proves them wrong. Crazy boy running around in circles!! We all had fun. Anton and I confiscated all the candy and hid It so we could get some sleep. I know we are mean parents. : ) Gotta love it!
Happy Easter and Spring to Everyone!

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Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

Love him and the Easter bunny!!!

It rained here, too. We had to do a hunt in my mom's house for the little ones.