01 March 2009


Thank goodness. I am whole again. My camera was kidnapped by my son, but my hero husband found where my son the culprit stashed it. Under the guest bed with some of his toys. I never would have thought to look there! Course it made me want to hassle the company that has my new camera for hostage, but they have been closed all weekend. Lucky them. I am going to be on them like flies to butter starting this Monday.

Well some of the pix that were camping out on my camera are here. My son one morning decided to act like the flash was too bright. Well if you read my blog at all you know he has had his picture taken on a very regular basis. The flash has never bothered him before. I realized he was just pretending when I turned off the flash and he was still making the faces. Where in the world did he learn that the flash is supposed to bother your eyes?

Also we have a little climber now. He can climb up quite a few things in nothing flat, so you really got to keep an eye on him. Yep our jobs got that much busier: ) Were loving it.

He is still only walking about five steps at a time, but is getting sturdier doing it. I sure need to get a video of it quick. My lil man is growing up.


Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

Awww...glad you found the camera.

I always loved it but hated it when my girls learned to climb. Exciting but it makes your job harder. Enjoy him!!!

Rebecca Jo said...

Those eyes... how cute is that!!! You need to take some pictures in the sun light with the flash off & see if he STILL does it...

sounds like you got a big ole' ham on your hands!

Molly said...

The squinting and grimacing had me cracking up! Kids are so funny.