11 March 2009

Chillin with Hunter

I have been bad about posting lately. I get irritated at myself when I don't blog cause I don't want to forget all of the precious moments. Hunter is getting more and more active. I have been looking online for some fun activities for him to do. I got this bucket of rice idea off the Internet. What a mess! He absolutely loved it. I am still finding rice everywhere! Oh we need a sandbox so bad!
While checking out the Internet I found out the town I live in just built a new library, so Hunter and I had to investigate. Coffee shop yum! The Children's area is quite large with lots of activities. Apparently we showed up when they were having baby hour and they invited us to join! Hunter loved it! He could hardly contain himself. He wanted to give each kid a hug! We learned some new songs and rhymes. I think I am going to make this a regular item on our to do list!
Also I try to get hunter to play outside every day regardless of the temperature. I admit on cold days I wimp out and we do not stay out long. Hunter acts like he doesn't even notice when it is cold. He gets to busy rearranging the neighbors rock garden and digging to China in our back yard. He loves burying things including my feet. I am so glad that we have a big yard cause this boy loves to roam! (so much like his daddy!)

I think that ridding on the tractor with his Daddy and Grampa are also going to be some regular activities!
I took Hunter to the mall today and as soon as he saw the new play area he was itching to check it out. Besides all the kids the slide was by far his favorite part. What a dare devil. He kept trying to sneak up there with out me seeing so he could go down by himself. He definitely gives me a work out! Oh and he lost his pinkie nail. No clue how and and he never whined like he hurt it.
My goodness child what am I going to do with you!


Jenae said...

I love the new pictures! We go to Baby Storytime on Mondays. Maybe we'll see you there! :)

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

I use to take my girls to the library once a week!! You know they developed a love for reading and I contribute it to all those trips. My oldest is a creative writing major!!

As always adorable photos!!!

Femin Susan said...

Hope it will surely unforgettable moment to you and your family.

Heather said...

He is precious, reading his book like such a big boy!!