30 March 2009


I am so behind on posting. Slap my wrist. How am I supposed to remember all the little things if I don't put them down anywhere? Yes, I say this blog is about keep friends and family in touch, but really it is for me. I love to brag and it keeps me on top of writing down the sweet things. I am going to wait to write about sledding in the blizzard and play dough fun until I get copies of the pix from Granny
Di. Don't let me forget though. If I do I may forget forever!
I will currently treat you with my license renewal. I took my little chunky monkey with me to the DMV to get my license renewed, so I can get a library card. Hunter sees all the people and takes it as his cue to perform. "Tada people I am the cutest baby you have ever seen and I am going to make sure you know it." Yes Hunter's vocabulary has improved. ; ) Anyways, he made tons of friends and even tried to take my eye exam for me. Then I walked over to the test taking area. That is where it went down hill. At first he just tried to get down and run a way. Then he cried.... then he tried to assist the neighbor with his test and got upset when the gentleman tried to ignore him.... then he began to lick my face. I don't mean just a lil lick and then a hehe I mean Hooch dog lick all over my face. You should have seen the peoples faces. I got up and asked for a pencil and paper for Hunter. Sweet action it worked. He was enthralled in his pencil marks. Okay I just got to check the new gas efficiency questions in the book. What are all these marks all over my test? I guess Hunter thought he would help me out. Then he wanted to help the guy next to us away after biting the eraser off the pencil. I finally finished and went to turn in my test. The employee didn't even glance at my test... just took it and threw it in the pile and said you are ready for your picture. Guess they were ready to get me out of there.
If you ever get the chance to look at my photo you will notice that I am holding something. Yes that would be Hunter. He almost made it out of the DMV while taking my picture, so the lady in exasperation just told me to hold him and she would try to keep him out of my pix. I just busted up laughing at the whole situation while I drove off. I have never had renewing my license been such an event.
Wonder what his deal was cause normally he doesn't get out of control like that. Maybe he knew I was to shy to punish him in DMV world.
Today Hunter reminded me of how dear heart he is. As I was looking at something while shopping I felt a little tug. Then it was a pull with a redirection and I found myself directly facing Hunter. He gave me a sweet smile then a big old hug. Maybe he just thought his mommy needed a hug. He was right! I am amazed at his soul!

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