20 March 2009

Bannana Brush

Hunter loves people almost as much as he loves food. He loved showing of for his Great Pappy and Great Granny Tiger while hanging at the Hayes. Then whined till he talked them into a stroll outside while I fixed him a snack of oranges and bananas. Crazy kid kept trying to stash some into my purse.

Hunter right now is in a fruit and veggie phase. I think it is great that he enjoys healthy foods. Apparently he thought my hair could use a little vitamin D. This morning I was brushing my hair and it seemed like I just couldn't get this knot out. I looked at my brush and it had a pile of goo covered in hair. Ugh... gag me with a spoon! Where did he get that banana from?

Oh Hunter had a great St. Patrick's Day. The leprechauns left him treats in his shoes. He thought it was great fun to throw the treat filled shoes in his crib to see how high they would bounce. Not what I intended, but hey enjoyed his leprechaun goodies. I had to work that day so I sent the camera to daycare. I think he might have gotten a few kisses from his girlfriends. : )

1 comment:

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

ewww on the banana in the brush...maybe he didn't want you to go to work!

and yes he is so cute he is kissable!!!