16 February 2009


I try to take my son outside at least once a day regardless of the temp to prevent cabin fever. I took him to the neighborhood playground today after playing in our yard for a little while. There were two kids there, so I figured Hunter would be excited.
We show up and they are throwing rocks. I go to the other side of the playground to avoid them. We still get hit. The little boy who was about nine apologized. Then the little girl who was probably about eleven started intentionally throwing them at Hunter. Before I could even say anything the lil boy got on to her. Good job! She then came right up to Hunter's face and starting sticking her tongue out. I thought that maybe this was just her way of trying to be playful. She then grabbed his hand and started hitting him in the face with it. I grabbed her and told her to let go. Then she proceeded to try to kick my son in the head while the little boy just kept yelling what are you doing. I just jetted. I kept myself from taking her by the shirt to find her mom and tell her that her daughter is deranged and needs serious help. I am not going to admit on here what I really wanted to do. Really at eleven why would you want to kick a baby in the head? Especially one that was quietly playing and not even in your way. Sorry for the tangent, but I get a little irked when someone messes with my family.
Any how after that Hunter and I had a nice two and half hour play date outside since I locked us out of the house. Oops. I love having a big yard with plenty of room for Hunter to explore and dig. He is in charge of digging holes for my plants this spring. He is going to be such a great lil helper.


Rebecca Jo said...

Oh my goodness... I would have TOTALLY found her mother... that is awful!!! Poor Hunter... he probably thought he had new people to play with & then she does that... WOW! Sounds like this child has issues!

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

What a stinking little brat she was!! You did better than me.

You locked yourself out. Ha I have done that 1 time...it was at my sisters house in New Hampshire and it was 35 degrees out. Sucked!

3 Bay B Chicks said...

Have you heard? Today is Day 1 of the Where in the World is Wenda? Contest. Head over to Three Bay B Chicks and Hot Chocolate Caramel Mocha to join in the fun. Can’t wait to see you there!


Molly said...

Okay I started out with an "eeee!!!" at how cute the photo was and then my mouth kinda hung open and gaped a while at that insane little girl! I have never heard of anything so bizarre! You were spot on in saying she is deranged. Gah!