16 February 2009

Valentine's Weekend.

This Valentine's weekend my family came into town for my Uncle's wedding. Chelsey and her girls stayed with us. Hunter was asleep when they arrived Friday evening. When he woke up Saturday morning and Brodie and Kylar walked up stairs he was beside himself. He kept laughing and smiling and laying his head down cause he didn't know how to handle his overwhelming excitement.
Hunter loved on Kyler and gave her plenty of hugs.
I couldn't believe how much Brodie has grown since she stayed with us almost four years ago.
Hunter helped Kylar play with his toys.

Hunter would chase poor Kylar all around the house.
Here is me and my gramma before the wedding.
Brodie and Riley were ring bearers for the wedding. They looked absolutely beautiful. Riley has grown so much herself!
Of course we were the rowdiest bunch at the wedding. My cousin Corynn in front and Chelsey with the camera.
This was the first time for me to meet Ty and Amber's son Owen. He is just six months older than Hunter. What a cute kid.
Ty and Owen
Here is the whole family both side minus Hunter and me since I took the pix.
Tony's family.
Here is a pix of all the Brown Grand kids and Great Grand kids except for my brother and Chelsey's man Steven. Let me tell you we are a rowdy and loud bunch when we are together. We sure have fun though.

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Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

I love the look of excitement on his face when he is hugging her!

Looks like a beautiful weekend!