25 February 2009


I am lost with out my camera. It is normally permantly attached to me... so where did I put it. I know I had it last Friday and I was eager to put up the pictures that night, but I waited since my husband was on our one computer. So where did I put it it since then???? I have no clue. Why do I hide things from myself. I am really bummed cause I have some perfectly cute pix of Hunter on there.
He has decided that the flash bothers him now so he gives these hilarious faces. Oh and he takes about five steps at a time now. If we could just get over this ear infection he has had for about a month. Poor baby. Now I am going to pout cause a post isn't the same with out a picture. : )


Rebecca Jo said...

Oh, that made me panic - I had to look in my purse to make sure my camera was still there... I'm lost when I dont have it either... hopefully it'll pop up!

Jenae said...

What is it with you and losing cameras? Ha, ha! :) I hope you find it soon!!!!

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

I do that all the time. It gets worse the older you get.

Did you find it???