05 January 2009

Hunter's First Bday Party!

As I had said earlier Anton's and Hunter's birthday is just around the corner from Christmas. We had Hunter's first Birthday party yesterday! Goodness it came way too fast! Yes it was a camo theme. What else for our lil Hunter?!

I had a cake made for my Hubby as well. I thought it was a perfect cake for him especially since it was German Chocolate.

I invested in a smash cake for Hunter. A good investment I tell you!

Here is Hunter's First Birthday Cake ever. I thought it was too cute. I had it made by the same lady that made our wedding cake. Look at our lil hunter in his blaze orange.

I want you to come to my party! hehe. Hunter got to go trapping with his Daddie all weekend while I was preparing for the party. Anton said that Hunter is a natural already. He tried petting a bob cat. We will have to teach him not all animals are going to love him.

I had to light the candle on Hunter's cake even though he can't blow it out. I don't know why I did this first thing. I knew it was going to be a mess.

Hunter was so confused by the room full of people singing at him that he wasn't sure what to do.

Course it didn't take him to long to figure it out. He ate almost half of the cake. I am such and irresponsible mother!

Daddie was nice enough to bring Hunter something to wash down all that cake!
Cake covered baby coming up!

Little spray off in the Kitchen sink and we are good to go. Course he didn't want to put any clothes on after that!
We then moved on to the wagon full of toys.
Hunter enlisted the help of some of his friends to open gifts.
Good thing cause there was a lot to open.
His friend from Daycare was very protective of Hunter and his toys. "This is Hunter's" Tony's pappy was messing with Hunter and Ducky told him to leave Hunter alone. Then she gave him the stare down for almost five minutes. I guess I don't have to worry about any kids messing with Hunter at daycare!
As usual Hunter became entranced in a book.
So his friends took the opportunity to investigate his toys for him.
Hunter tried out his sweet ride that used to be his Uncle Jack's.
I was then asked to open all the toys, so all the kids could play.
My goodness those toys are sure packaged securely. The kids then played and played. Then they found Hunter's room and there was no pulling them away after that. They all had a blast and I sent them home sugared up like a responsible party host does. : )
P.S. thanks Dad for taking all the pix. I am glad to have keepsakes from this special day. Thanks to Anton and Cindy for video taping the event. I know Anton was just hiding behind the camera, but it was in a productive way! Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate my son's first year and spoil him so much! What a great first birthday for Hunter.


Anonymous said...

It looks like you all had a wonderful time. We just hated missing the party. Hugs!

Anonymous said...

Hunter looks more and more like your brother and dad every day.