19 January 2009

First Wedding

On Saturday Hunter attended his first wedding with me. My really good friend from college was tying the knot. The wedding was gorgeous and the bride breath taking. I was so mad at my camera. I could not get a decent picture to turn out for the life of me. It is a point and shoot so if the lighting isn't just perfect it is too bad for you!
Anyways, Hunter has a bit to learn about wedding etiquette. Okay a catholic wedding wasn't the best place to start for a one year old. Our church has horrible acoustics so when he makes a noise it isn't a big deal. It makes it horrible for singing, but great when you have kids. Most people know that catholic churches are well designed for acoustics. It makes singing beautiful and having a kid dangerous. Hunter started talking to the man in front of us. Then he heard himself. Oh my goodness did he think that was the coolest thing ever. Whenever there was a silent moment there was a ba blah from my husband's son. Hunter this event is about you. I know most things in your short life have been about you, but not this event. Yeah. I think he still went away thinking it was all about him.
When the processional started he stood at the end of the pew and enthusiastically waved at everyone. He was bouncing with his mouth wide open from excitement. You could see them trying to keep a straight face. I am glad they stayed far enough away that he couldn't grab them. Boy was he wanting to get a hold of the flower girl.
Then one of his toys started going off in my purse. The more I tried to get to it the more it would go off! Why Why! I have never had that happen before. It had to be at the bottom as well where I had to go through the entire contents of the mary poppins bag to find the stupid thing.
He started to get a little fussy, so I came up with the bright idea to give him a few cheerios to keep him quiet. Not the smartest idea. He started throwing them down the isle. What do you do when you have stranded cheerios in the middle of the isle during a wedding? Especially when the people behind you saw that it was your child! I was too petrified to go and grab it. I just prayed that people wouldn't notice. I was amazed that it did not get crushed into the carpet when everyone went to communion or when the procession left. My heart sank a little bit when the brides dress picked it up and started dragging it along. Luckily the dress kicked it out right before she exited. I could just imagine her finding it later when bustling he wedding gown.
I was hoping though that I was just being super conscious and Hunter wasn't really that loud. Yeah not the case her whole family came up to me laughing about Hunter's input during the wedding. Great! I hope it doesn't ruin the wedding video!
Then off to the reception. Hunter downed two bowls of chex mix and cheez its in nothing flat. He then had three pickles, pickled ocra, turkey, prime rib, a whole roll, three potatoes, a whole section of corn, carrots, rolos, and a whole piece of cake. Man the food was fantastic. I can't blame him for eating just as much as the rest of the people at our table. Course Hunter's mess was considerably more than theirs. He then tried to put his face in every girls chest that held him. Great I thought I had some years to wait for that.
Six hours of great fun later we left cause Hunter needed to sleep. At a catholic wedding it feels like you are leaving when it just started! My goodness. The dance hadn't even started when I left. I could have been there all night and I am sure Hunter would have as well if I would have brought him his bottle. Oh did he love all the attention and being passed around. He is such a gregarious kid! With all the hiccups he did do fantastic for being one and at a catholic wedding.
Oh and a bragging moment. My kid can hold a ball and throw it with one hand! Oh yeah. He won't let me take a picture yet, but I am working on it.


Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

I think the picture is beautiful!

Thats funny about him hearing his voice. I bet everyone around you was smiling!!

Heather said...

That picture is beautiful. And Hunter's thighs are so pinch-able. That's some serious cuteness.