23 January 2009


Hunter was finally cooperative enough to show off his ball skills for the camera!
He picked out this lightening mcqueen ball at target when I was Christmas shopping with him. I kept on trying to get him a sponge bob one, but he was so fixated on this red ball. A well spent two dollars I tell you. He plays with this thing all the time.
He is so proud of himself when he passes it on.
Here he really got into posing for the camera. I have trained him so well! I hope he is this willing for me to take millions of pix of him his whole life. Some how I doubt it.

Another one of his favorite toys is one of my old cellphones. He has two toy cellphones that he got for his birthday that he really enjoys playing with, but for some reason he has to play with a real one when I am on the phone.

And I am sure like all boys do, Hunter loves to make his toys fight.
Where do they learn this stuff?


sandy said...

I stopped by from SITS to say "Hi"!
What a gorgeous little guy you have:0)

brad said...

That poor boy is spoiled!!! Look at all of those toys in the pictures! Ok, he isn't rotten yet. So I still have some work left to do. :-)