24 November 2008

Baby steps.

Okay they are with a walker, but still cool right?! He is cruising around with this thing. My goodness he is so proud of himself to. It feels like he just started crawling yesterday. He is also trying to attempt to crawl on the couch. He hasn't succeeded yet, but he sure is getting his leg up there!

Look at this! This is Hunter's Christmas Tree I got him for Halloween. I wasn't expecting anything. I just figured I would water it for a couple months, nothing would happen, and I would throw it out. Isn't it so cute! What a neat idea for a dollar. Yes I get excited about the little things. : ) Have a great Holiday season!

Holiday Traditions! Help!

Okay this is the first year of the holidays with all three of us. Anton and I have been together for almost six years and have been married for three and half; however, during that time we didn't really develop any traditions. We just piggybacked off of our families holidays. I am a mom now and I have holiday responsibilities. It is time for me to start our own traditions. I am having a tough time coming up with ideas other than food and presents this year. The holidays are more than that. How in the world do I show that to my family? Also, I do I come up with things that are fun and memorable? Please if you have any suggestions or ideas. let me know. I will be very greatful!

22 November 2008

Ten Month Pix

I went thinking I was going to get Thanksgiving pictures and I got these instead. I guess I will have two sets of Christmas pix this year. Oh well. I think they are adorable.

I love this concept. I so wish I could have gotten this one!

Hunter loves books! He will sit and look at the pix, feel the page, and flip the page. He makes it look like he is actually reading. I love it!

Notice Something.

When I was in second grade I came home from school and saw a man in my dad's office. I thought hmm it must be one of his co-workers. Then the man started to speak. What?! How in the world is this stranger using my dad's voice? At the time it was the scariest feeling and I was overwhelmed by fear. I still distinctly remember the overwhelming emotion. My dad said I just stared at him and slowly curled up in the fetal position and stayed there until someone else came. He said he couldn't get me to budge. I refused to be near him or speak to him for three weeks until his beard grew back. (Man I was a brat). Well now my dad is interviewing for some jobs and thought it would help if he was clean shaven. He asked me to do it this time. So I did. I thought that now I am in my twenties I could be more mature about it. I couldn't look at him in the face. It was the weirdest thing ever. I love my dad to pieces, but it just seems off with out the beard. I seriously wanted to curly up in a ball. How weird is that. I felt like I was rushed back into time and I was that terrified second grader again. Course I still talked to him even if I was looking at his feet. hahaha. Poor Daddie. Hunter didn't even notice. I don't know what my problem is. Well good luck on your interviews Daddie. (Everybody be praying that he is successful soon, so he can look normal again. I am still such a brat. ; )

18 November 2008


Great News! Diana is in remission. Thank the the Lord! She still has at least three more rounds of chemotherapy and stem cell transplants, so there is a haul still ahead. At least we know it is working.
Sorry I haven't been posting lately. Life has been a whirlwind. I have been working about 20 hours a week of overtime*ugh*,Grampa Brown came to visit, and Diana got to come home. Woohoo. I apologize ahead of time for my choppy post, but I have a little one trying to help me. I love it. It justs makes it a bit more difficult to be a pretty blogger. videoBoy can my little man laugh. I absolutely love it.

The other night we took Hunter to Golden Corral. Okay I know many of you may be laughing, but I love it. Anyways. After Hunter ate an entire plate of food he came over to sit on Mommie's lap. He then thought it was hilarious to try to pull Mommie's shirt down. He would pull on it and just belly laugh. Everyone around us was wondering "What in the world are they teaching this child". I of course had a beet red face. Well at least the food was Good.

04 November 2008

Vote Day!

I went and Voted today!

Standing Tall

Among all the things Hunter is learning right now standing is one of them. He will walk around things, but not by himself yet. He can only stand for 2.4 seconds by himself, but he is sure getting bold and starting to try more frequently. He is determined to be independent so quickly. Mommie is not ready. Tear. He is pretty much mainly on table food already and he thinks he needs to feed himself the whole time. Doesn't want mommies help. Thank goodness he is still such a cuddle bug or I would be completely heart broken. In a couple of months he will be done breast feeding as well. One step at a time or I am going to overwhelm myself. Didn't I just give birth? Where in the world did this little Man come from?