30 October 2008

Welcome to Blogger world Granny Di!

Everyone please welcome Granny Di to the Blogger world by going to her new Blog
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27 October 2008

Halloween Treats.

What do you get a nine month old for Halloween? I know most would say nothing, because he won't even remember it. I say if I take pictures he will remember it. LOL. His Granny Di hand painted the adorable Halloween tote. I guess for most of kids you just fill up the tote with candy. Um 9 months.... Well I don't think it is a good idea for him to have tons of candy, so I got him some yogurt melts. If you have small kids you should try them! I just got him some mixed berry this week and he loves them. Hopefully he will love the peach just as much. If you have every tried space ice cream it is kind of like that, but yummier. It melts in your mouth, so you do not have to worry about a choking hazard. They are also made from real fruit. Good stuff. I must admit that I have snuck a few for myself. Quality control for the baby right?! Then I got him a pumpkin bear that screams like a banshee when you squeeze it. It is so cute. All the proceeds from that bear went to the Leukemia society. I then got a frame for our first trip to the pumpkin patch. I thought it was a pretty rad frame. Following the frame I took a trip down the dollar or less aisle of target. I got the cutest monster book, monster magnets, monster stickers (what will he safely do with stickers... I haven't thought that far ahead), wooden blocks(oh he will love those), and a grow your own Christmas tree. I figured start growing it on Halloween and hopefully it will be here by Christmas. Okay the magnets, tree, and stickers are sounding like they are more for me than him since he is a little young. Whatever, it is all in good fun. I also made little treat bags for his lil friends. Too cute. I love the dollar aisle. Next on the to do list. Carve pumpkins! I am excited!
Hope you all have a Happy Halloween! I hope our colds are cleared up by then, so trick or treating will be a blast. Wait... What am I thinking?! Even if we were sick as dogs we wouldn't dare miss out on Halloween.

26 October 2008

Get it.

Yesterday, Sick Hunter and I went took and hour and half long trip to help a friend move in. What a filled day. In the morning when I was getting him ready I could hear him talking to himself. I walked in and he was saying ball... ball... ball... as he was playing with one of his tennis balls. When we arrived at Tiffany's he fell in love with her dog. They played together most of the day. Pearl would dance for Hunter and Hunter would do his weeble wop for pearl. Towards the end of the day Tiffany was holding Hunter while playing with pearl. Pearl was chasing her tail so Tiffany kept saying "get it! get it!". Then Hunter thought he needed to be apart of the fun and started saying "get it! get it!" It was hilarious. Now today when I say get it to Hunter he just cracks up. This learning to speak thing is happening a lot more quickly than I realized. Goodness. Words in Hunter's reportiore: Dada, Mama, Nana, Hi, Hey, Ball, and Get it. (those are all I can think of that he says right now.)

23 October 2008

Happy Birthday Granny Di!

Our family we would like to wish the most wonderful Granny Di a Happy Birthday! I know this year you do not get to spend your birthday where you want. A hospital room just isn't home no matter how well you decorate. I just want to remind you that you are loved. Good times lay ahead for you just as many as you already have had. Here are a few reminders of the good times of life.

22 October 2008

Not Hunter.

I love going to Anton's family farm with him. It has to be one of the most beautiful places in the world. It really can take you mind off things. Anton worked on cutting down trees. I helped him while trying to stop Hunter the mower from eating everything in site. I swear his teeth about turned black from all the dirt in his mouth. I finally got him distracted with his album. Hunter kept trying to kiss everyone in his album. Too cute. I worked out the self timer finally and got some pix. Course a daddy long legs kept trying to get in the pix. Succeeded once. Then we decided it was time to head into town for the grease in the wall toots. My goodness the food is amazing. I just hope I never have to take a long look at the kitchen. Covered in mud and saw dust we decided it was time to go clean up and visit Granny Di. When we got on the highway Anton and I noticed that we both missed about 8 calls from our doctors office. Then he got a call from Hunter's nurse saying his blood tests that he took before came back really low and he needed to retake the test. "Okay how about Monday?" The nurse says "No he needs to come back in immediately." "Well were are out of town right now" The nurse says "We will stay open a little late for you." Okay. As you all may briefly know, we haven't had the best of luck when it comes to these things the past couple years. 3 years ago when my doctor told me I might have cancer I wasn't hardly concerned. At that time every thing came back negative no problem. This time when the said that Hunter had to come back and retest I was a reck. I have to admit I shed a few tears and I felt like the car couldn't get there fast enough. We go to the office all covered in mud and sawdust looking like hillbilly's, they take us back,and then run the test right there. The nurse comes back out of breath. It is all good like we thought. We had figured it was just a sampler error, but we wanted to make sure. ISNT THAT SOMETHING YOU TELL SOMEONE BEFORE THE FREAK OUT FOR AND HOUR. Well thank the lord my beautiful son is Healthy and that I have a wonderful husband to help calm me down after that. Phew. Not Hunter.

Roasting Mallows.

Gpa Brown came to visit on a nice fall day. To top off the day we roasted Mallows by the fire. Good times when Grampa Brown comes over!

16 October 2008

Trick or Treat! 9 Months.

I love Halloween. I also love that I have a beautiful child to dress up in Halloween costumes. I am a lucky mommie.
Japanese Kimono outfit courtesy of Aunt Terra and Uncle Mike. Yes it really is from Japan. (I wish he didn't look so scared in this pix. Poor baby.)
I so wish I could have got this one. I love it.
I love my lil pirate baby.
I did get this one since it is on special. It will become part of my yearly halloween decor.
I got this one in my free 8x10. Oh I love it.

I love this look. Hey what you doin?

Daddie's ears.
I love his little chub.
aren't his ears perfectly adorable.

Giggle butt.

Pirate costume courtesy of Aunt Terra and Uncle Mike. Thanks you all!
I love how his whole face lights up when he smiles.
Isn't the pirate costume amazing. I love it. What a perfect first Halloween costume.

The cute baby in the costume is courtesy of God, Anton, and Me. Lol!
Look at them teeth. Just like a pirate. : )

12 October 2008

Walter's Pumpkin Patch.

Yesterday we went to Walter's Pumpkin Patch. Let me tell you I could hardly hold my britches I was so excited to go. It was the fundraiser day for the Luekemia society so all ticket proceeds went to the leukemia society and all the Starbuck's coffee proceeds went to the Leukemia society. Yes I drank a cup of starbuck's coffee doubly in Diana's honor. : )
Well all four of us had a blast. I did the pumpkin slingshot. I almost got some people with my pumpkins cause they got lost and well weren't exactly where they should have been. We picked out some cute pumpkins, pushed Hunter in the swing, took about everything out of Hunter's mouth, watched the pumpkin chunkin, Hunter attempted rididng a trike, speculated what tractor's they were using and how the farmed the land, and well of course shopped. I love fall and am ready for some pumpkin pie. : )

Pumpkin Chunkin

07 October 2008


Being happy doesn't mean everything is perfect.It means you have decided to look beyond the imperfections. Unknown

Make mommie crack.

Hunter's trick to get out of trouble is to look at me with sad eyes and then give me a big old smile like "you can't be mad at me I am too cute". If I hold strong and don't smile he starts talking and touching my face. If I hold strong through that he starts laughing and tries to give me a hug. I am weak I tell you.

03 October 2008

What's your emergency

Not even nine months yet and this boy is getting himself into trouble. Our cordless phone is no longer on the acceptable toy list. Not after my son was capable of dialing 3 numbers in correct sequence and pushing send. I heard someone talking not thinking about it hung up and took away the phone. I then immediately got a call making sure everything was okay because someone called 911. Ooops.

Cheap entertainment.

I am a picture nut as you can probably tell. I love taking pictures and I love having pictures. When Anton, Hunter, and I went to the farm for about 4 hours I took almost 200 hundred pix. When I realized that I asked Anton if it annoyed him that I took so many pictures. He said "Na, it is a cheap hobby." That's nice. No appreciation for the documenting of our family events. Just joking. I guess I have him and Hunter trained on being used to the camera. Course now that I have all of these pictures what in the world am I going to do with them. I am not dilegent enough to scrap them all. Even if I was I would have no time in the day to do anything else. Right now I don't even have the money to print them all and put them in an album. Computer screen saver I guess. All that work for a computer screen saver. Okay maybe work isn't the right term. All that play. One of these days I need to invest in some digital picture frames. That would be perfect. I will wait for their prices to go down. Until then I will keep indulging in my hobby to advance my computer screen saver. : )