28 September 2008

Look Hunter

Yesterday Hunter went to the Birthday party of his babysitter's daughter. It was the little girls 2nd birthday. When they had her come in to meet everyone she was in her pretty pink dress and bawling. Then she saw Hunter. "Hi Hun-Ter!" and she gave him a big hug. After the hugs, everyone went to the living room for her to open presents. Apparently she didn't realize that anyone else was in the room. She would open a present and say "look Hunter" and then would give it to him to play with. Every gift. They tried to make her go across the room and she would still drag the toy over to show Hunter. She would even try to stick some of the toys in his mouth for him. Too cute. I am glad that he is able to have such a good friend so early.(They also told us that he was their favorite kid in daycare.) After presents and cake all the kids went to play and Hunter and her hung out playing with the tissue paper. She would grab it out of the bag throw it on him and say "Trash Hunter". Isn't it amazing how well they interact at such a young age. Another example of this is when I went to the back of the auditorium today at church and my friend who had a son a month before I did was standing there as well. Hunter reached out for him and Carter reached back. We put them both on the floor. They talked and talked, climbed over each other, held hands, and talked some more. I love that he has friends already.


I wanted to wait until she had told everyone before I mentioned on my blog who was sick. My mother-in-law unfortunately has a fight ahead of her. We are all praying for her and look forward to when we are getting our nails done together, looking back, and understanding God's purpose in this. I would appreciate for others to not sign their comments with Hugs. I know those who have used it recently only did so with the best intention. This has always been her special sign off and I would like to specially reserve it for her on this site. Thank you for your consideration and prayers.

24 September 2008

Count your many blessings

Name them one by one. This used to be one of my favorite songs as a child as well as ten thousand angels, and holy holy holy. The past week I have had the song Count your many blessings stuck in my head. I didn't pay much attention to it until someone at work asked me what I was humming. Misfortune and heartbreak have hit our family several times these past couple of years(both Anton's side and mine). However, through it all we still need to count our blessings. Here are some of my blessings in no particular order.
-There is a God. Sometimes I get frustrated with him because I do not understand his plan, but with out the knowledge of his existence I do not know how to go through hard times and have comfort in the fact that we do not have just one chance.
-Anton is my husband. I have an amazing partner in life. He challenges me to be a better person while loving me with all of my flaws. He knows the best and worst of me and still comes home everyday. I still feel like a school girl waiting for him to come home. He is also an amazing father and I have grown to love him even more through parenthood. sometimes I am overwhelmed by the love I have for him.
-Hunter Henry what a blessing. Loving children is like letting your heart run around. I don't know who said that, but I thimk it is an excellent description. It is amazing how Hunter can make a horrible situation manageable by his laugh and embrace. A coworker stated that she believed that God gave Hunter to us at this time to give us comfort through difficult times and to teach us to love more deeply. He definetly has.
-My dad is my friend. What a wonderful friend to have. He is such a good hearted man. We have always had great conversations as I was growing up and really molded who I am. In my adulthood we became great friends past the parent child relationship ( He still is my daddie: ). I appreciate our conversations so deeply and I look forward to speaking to him. He always is one of my first calls when I have troubles; his insite has helped me so much. Oh by the way he is a great grampa.
-I have good relationships with my in laws. I am so fortunate to not have the typical in law relationships. I love them more than if they were my own blood. They have also loved me as their own. They took me in and gave me stability when my world fell apart. Diana has listened to me cry on the phone while she is at work numerous times. She has really become a good friend of mine and loves pictures as much as I do. Rob is perfect at showing his love with out even saying a word. (I think this is where Anton gets it from). They both are excellent grandparents. Terra has been the sister I have never had. She has been so generous to us and has spoiled our son like crazy. She is by far Hunters favorite Aunt.
-My brother is alive. I do not know where my brother is or get to speak to him, but he is out there. I know he knows I deeply love him and I know he deeply loves me. I try to talk to him through God before I go to bed. I ask God to remind him that I love him and to take care of him. I have not always been the perfect sister, but we have always remained good friends. I am excited for Hunter to meet his uncle when Jack is 18.
-Hunter has gotten to meet all of his greats. This is such a rare thing for most people and we are so glad that he has gotten the privelidge. Anton's and my grandparents were such an important part in our raising. We are glad for Hunter to get to know some amazing people in our lives.
-We love and experiance being loved
-There is digital technology. If it wasn't for digital technology I wouldn't be able to take the thousands of pix that I dearly love. I still don't know what I am going to do with all of them, but hey when I decide I will have them.

There are many more, but it is time for me to play with one of my blessings.

Compliments from the Best

Something I truly adore about my husband is that he says what he means. Some think he is too direct, but I love that you don't have to try to figure out what he means when he says something. This also makes his compliments much more special. One night this weekend(I worked this weekend) when I was up in the middle of the night with Hunter, Anton woke up and said "you are such a good mommie". I know it is simple, but from Anton it is amazing. What a compliment as well. Something I cried about all the time when I was pregnant. I was so worried about being a bad mother and mister direct let me know I had no worries. I love my husband.


Unfortunately the second opinion revealed that it is Acute Myeloginic Leukemia. Our hearts are broken. Please pray that this person will respond well to treatment and they will be successful. Chemo starts Monday.

23 September 2008


Please God give us a little of your sunshine. A very close family member just recently was told that they have Leukemia. It is not Anton, Hunter, or me, but someone very close and special to us. Please be fervently praying for that person, their spouse, their family, and their physicians. I keep praying that a second opinion will reveal that the Leukemia diagnosis was incorrect. Please God give us a Miracle.

19 September 2008

Spontaneous Reunion

It wasn't under the best circumstances, but Hurricane Ike blew up some family from Houston. Unfortunately Hunter and I were really sick, so we didn't get to spend time with the family like we would like to. Chelsey and her family we only got to see for a couple of hours. We need to make a road trip to get to see them. Hunter loved seeing all of his cousins. Sabien would crack up Hunter, he loved being held by Brodie and Riley, and Kyler was so much fun for him to watch. I am sad that he doesn't get to see his cousins more often. I think they all would be great friends. Oh and he loved chewing on Sabien's train set. Hopefully they will get to play again soon.


Okay. I think my son is the most adorable kid ever. If you read my blog at all you are probably well aware of that. He has learned something that I do not think is adorable. Okay a couple of things. He can untie my swimsuit top, but that isn't the really annoying one. My poopy son now knows how to take of his own diaper! Talk about a mess! Gag!
Okay back to cute things about my son. My son does seem to have music playing in his head all the time. He is like his Uncle Jack that way I think. Here is a lil video of it. Sorry about it being sideways and the news in the background, but you will get the point.

17 September 2008

8 months!

Okay everyone at work is giving me such a hard time about getting Hunter's pictures taken so many times. Hey leave me alone. My baby is a cutie and I want memories from every stage. I mean look at these aren't they adorable.

This one melts my heart. I so wish I could have gotten this one. I am thinking about talking Anton into it. Look at our lil cowboy. He is wearing his hat that he got from his first time to the state fair.

Peter rabbit. A classic. He is wearing a peter rabbit pj's and of course chewing on a peter rabbit book. Don't take the book away cause he will get real upset with you.

I just love the montages they put together. I just wish they weren't so expensive.

Oh this one is so cute as well.

Look at that big old crocidile tear. It made mommie feel horrible for taking away his book.

Look at those big blue eyes. They are starting to look a bit hazel maybe. I am not sure what you call it. I have even heard people call his eyes green. They can look green at a distance depending on the outfit.

The perfect example of why you do not take a book away from my son. I am not sure why he is so attached to books, but he loves them.

I got this one. It may not look as cool as it does in black in white, but oh it is still heart grabbing. (Black and white is 11 dollars more a sheet. Come on people it doesn't really cost more for you to print it in black and white does it. No!)

Mmmm rope!

Two dudes trying to get into trouble.

My grampa rox!

Off course he had to get some cowboy pix with his grampa Brown. They are sure buds. I am going to try to get his pix with his other grands at his 10 month pix.

11 September 2008

5 pounds 3 days.

Say how do you do it? Don't eat anything cause you can't keep it down and stay next to the bathroom cause you have the runs. Yes I am whiney, but hey I only have 7lbs to go know to get to my target weight.

04 September 2008


Sometimes life happens so fast I don't know where to start. Hunter went to his first party at his daycare. It was one of the kids birthdays, so they partied and then went swimming in the pool. The report was he had a blast and loved the water. He is definitely a social butterfly. (or should I say monkey)I love the pictures they took. I decided not to post the really good ones since I didn't ask the other kids parents to put photos up. My goodness are they cute.
Oh...My chunky monkey is turning into the chunky chipmunk. He is popping up teeth like no other. I feel sorry for the poor chipmunk and impressed with how well he is handling the pain. I have a tough baby (as long as mommie is near). Oh and he got the cutest NIKE shoes. Oh they are adorable. Even the firemen he got his picture taken with thought they were stylin'. He insisted on wearing them all the way to the lake. Okay maybe I did. They are sooo cute.
At the lake we could tell that fall is coming. The water was a tad cooler. He still loved it even though there were no pickles this time. I do think this year there will be no more swimming in the lake. Brrr I about lost my toes.
After a day at the lake Hunter decided that he deserved some spaghetti like everyone else. He sure can eat and has a talent for making a mess.
Sunday after church Hunter went to go help his daddie cut down a tree at his grandparents. He hammed it up.
Oh and my lil man is learning how to give kisses. He has been watching his daddie to much and hasn't been closing his mouth. Those two... I swear. The next trip to the lake he thought that he had watched his daddie enough and he was going to captain the boat. I feel bad for crushing his dreams so early. I could keep going about our wonderful weekend and my beautiful family, but my son is done eating and is ready to play. Enjoy the pix.

New Sister

We are blessed to have a new sister in Christ. Raigan Chambers was baptized last night. We couldn't be more proud of her.