28 August 2008

Dirty little Boy!

I love my little man. He can get dirty so quick. I don't even know how he does it. I know you are not supposed to bathe babies every day, but with a son like mine you have to.

27 August 2008

Sticky Rice

Another thing Hunter loves...Rice. He started throwing a tantrum at the resturant and we couldn't figure out what he wanted until he had some rice. He was in sticky heaven. Man did he get it everywhere. He even got it all in my hair. I am confident that our waiter was stressing about the mess, but we picked up before we left. We just had to roll around on the floor and it all stuck to us. Just joking. We rolled Hunter around. That is so much easier.

Don't laugh.

I can't do it. I try not to laugh when I am getting on to Hunter for biting. I say no and it used to make him cry when I would tell him no. Now he gives the most adorable onery look. How do you keep a straight face with such a cute baby. I am in big trouble.

What a great time.

I apologize for not posting for a while. I have been taking pictures like crazy. It is just second nature now. I guess when you have a son like mine it is hard not to. LOL. I also have some great pix over on the Brown Klan site. You should stop by and check them out. Hunter now has six teeth. The poor boy is getting four more teeth all at once. He is doing pretty well with it. He needs to tell you about his new teeth everyonce in a while, but then he gets distracted and forgets about them. Here are some pix! Enjoy.

18 August 2008

Rub a dub dub

Finally Hunter's 7 month pix came. I have been waiting impatiently. I love them and I hope you all do to. I got this for our bathroom. I got this one as well for our bathroom. I wonder how it will go with a tiger bathroom. Hey who cares? My baby is cute. The towel was made by Hunter's Great Grandma Tiger Casebolt. She is a tiger lover as well as I am. I love the cute tiger cubs on the towel. She also has a monkey on it as well. That is very fitting for our chunky monkey. Hunter was having fun playing with his Duckie towel and acting coy. Wher Is that an onery grin or what?! Look at my handsome man sitting so well by himself. Doesn't he look so much like a lil man. Hunter has the most incredible smile. I love picture time. : )

17 August 2008

In a Pickle

I wonder when Noah was in his ark waiting for the rain to stop if he ever thought, "No worries. God will get us through this trial. One day we will all be plastic figurines for children to stick in their mouths like pickles." Oh and today we learned that Hunter also loves lemons. When I told his doctor about the pickles she was shocked. She said it was fine for him to eat she has just never heard of a baby loving pickles. I wonder what she will say about lemons. : )

13 August 2008

Moving out already.

Tear. We finally got Hunter a mattress for his crib. He will be moving out of our room this week. He is only seven months he is too young. Course when he is starting to take up our entire king size bed and sending mommie and daddie somewhere else to sleep it is probably about time. I put him in it today. He liked how bouncy it was. I hope the transition is a smooth one, but I have a feeling it will not be. The pillow and blanket are courtesy of Aunt Terra.

10 August 2008

Say What?

I knew it! I got a text message today at work(Yes I have to work every other weekend. I want to be a stay at home mommie soo bad) that Hunter said dada. I called Anton right away. He said it was clear as day. He was taking him his bottle and out came Dada. Ohh I am so excited. Course my heart broke. Not that he said dada, but that I missed his first word. I am a horrible mother. I am missing my son grow up while I am investigating issues at a pharmaceutical company. They could hire someone else, but my son can't. Yeah I have a genius son. Talking at 7 months. Woohoo.

09 August 2008

What a ham!

Hunter hammed it up yesterday for his pix. Oh I am so excited to get them back! We did the bath scene. Oh did he make my heart melt. I know I say that all the time and it is because it happens daily. He played peek-a-boo by using his towel and hammed it up every time he saw a flash. I am getting him trained. While waiting to see his pictures a new tooth was discovered. Wow he wasn't fussy at all. I am sure getting addicted to getting his pix taken. I told Anton I would stop taking him every month once he turned one, but it is going to be hard. I will still go every three months for a while after that. I can't stop cold turkey. : )

08 August 2008

7 months!

Today our lil man Hunter is Seven months! I swear I just popped him out yesterday. Next thing I know he will be graduating. *tear* Yes, I am taking him to get pix today. I am so excited. I sure treasure his pix. I already look back to see how much he has grown. I do need to record him sometime laughing in his sleep. It is the cutest thing ever. Too bad I can't tape his dreams. They are probably of his rubber duckies squirting water. For some reason he thinks that is hilarious. In a few years I expect him to be telling fart jokes with his daddie, so I am treasuring this sense of humor now. Course the boy humor has already started. He thinks poopie diapers are the funniest thing around. I should call him lil anton or lil buns. Goodness.

07 August 2008


Coming home from work to see a happy baby covered in food and the most handsome man having a blast shook me. Wow my life has changed. I am a wife. I am a mom. It still seems so weird to me, but I love every moment of it. I also love how Anton gets excited about the small stuff as well. When I call him from work he always has something cute to tell me about our lil man Hunter. It ranges from him contorting his body in the car seat to try to see you to five pound diapers. Note to self Anton and I need to take more pix of us together. We have primarily taken pix of Chunky Monkey aka Hunter Henry. Course who could blame us? He is only the cutest baby in the world!

04 August 2008

Explosion Down Under.

I so forgot to post about this. I can't believe I forgot. As I was walking into small group last night I could smell something sweet. Didn't think much about it. I handed Hunter to Anton and Hunter had something on his knee. No his outfit. Wait on me too. Oh gross Poo! We were covered. I left to go home to change and as I got out of the car I realized I had it all over my back as well. Yes poo on my new cars seats. I went inside to change Hunter's diaper and it was completely full. How in the world could he poo that much. Answer... Tub full of baby food prunes. He absolutely loves them. We just didn't think about limiting his intake. Well I guess Hunter had a cleansing and he seemed to feel great. That lil pooper. : )

What a distraction!

Hunter distracts us wonderfully from our troubles in life. He is such a talker and cuddlebug. I swear he starting to try to say dada. I am jealous and excited all at once. Yes I was not so secretly hoping mama would be his first word. It is fun watching Hunter and his dad together. They are great pals. It is also fun watching Hunter with the other children at church. At small group Sunday night, precious little Ben who is about a year and a half was investigating Hunter's face. His mom became embarassed when Ben stuck his finger up Hunter's nose. Hunter thought it was the coolest thing ever. Him and another little boy Hayden are so sweet and bring Hunter toys to play with. Hunter gets so excited and laughs hysterically. That causes the little boys to laugh which makes Hunter laugh more and so on and so on.
I think it has been confirmed that Hunter loves the outdoors. During his fussy time of the day I try to take him outside to play. He just becomes perfectly content and chatty. He also is starting to get accustomed to the lake water faster. He also got to watch his mommie and daddie water ski this weekend. What a good son! : ) Oh yeah we bought him a rug to learn to crawl on. Well he loves the rug, but not to practice crawling on. I guess he prefers the bed for that. ; )