31 July 2008

Chatter Box

This was taken the 3rd of July. I just wanted you all to see how vocal my little man is! I wonder what he is trying to say.

29 July 2008

What a face!

My Chunky Monkey AKA Hunter Henry "Hank" Hayes is full of expressions. I just love it. Warning these aren't all pictures that non-mothers will think are cute. I on the other hand love his funny faces. I also want to put it up for Hunter to watch. He cracks himself up watching slideshows of himself on the blog. How funny. I should video it sometime. You all would love it.


I never thought that I would want to be a Stay at home mother. Now that I am a working mother I crave to be a Stay at home mother. Here are a few reasons:
-I think a child should be raised by his/her parents if possible.
-Work drama. Ugh. I am not in middle school anymore people.
-If I work I don't want to use my time at home to clean, do laundry, etc.
-I don't have to be sick to my stomach in the mornings when I leave my men.
-I would have more time for my Husband and my son.
- Look at these pictures. Do I really need any other reason than that beautiful face.

Jack Daniel

Here are a couple of treasure I got when I went to Hunter's greats. I can be such a mean older sister.
He was a climber. I guess you can say he still is. I have a feeling hunter is going to be just as bad.
When I would change his diaper I would always find things, especially change.
Nice holster there bud.

Aww. Wasn't my baby brother soo cute!?

27 July 2008

Oh yes I did.

I caught a keeper fish this weekend. For some reason this summer I kept catching babies. Course now I am going to have to eat the thing and I am not really fond of fish. Hunter spent time with a whole bunch of people this week: his grampa brown, my good college friend Allison and her family, my life long friend Whitney, grama and grampa Hayes, his granny tiger and pappy, his grand aunt Suzie, his cousins, and of course His wonderful parents! Oh and a long with catching fish we toasted ourselves red. Lovely! Have a great week and enjoy the pix! I almost forgot my little man is sitting no problem by himself and he is trying so hard to become mobile.

21 July 2008

Elk Falls

I love summer. It was another great summer weekend. Well, except that Anton had to work Saturday. Ugh. On Saturday Hunter visited his Great Browns. To see pictures of that go to http://brownklan.blogspot.com/ and check them out. Then on Sunday we went to elk falls. We were all a sweating, but we had fun. Anton caught a nice sized gar and as I was trying to take a picture he lost the gar and the lure. Oops. He tried to go after his lure with out any luck. Fun to watch though!

13 July 2008

Tastes like fish!

Last weekend was a lake weekend! Oh we love the lake. I know I say it a million times and I will probably say it a million more. On Saturday we were the only people crazy enough to be on the lake. It was windy and rainy. We still loved it as we were drenched to the core. Hunter loved going over the waves and the water on his face. Sunday was perfect weather for the lake, so we were back at it. Rob caught his first fish out of the boat and Anton caught six. One of Anton's six was a six inch catfish. He showed it to Hunter and stuck it in front of him so Hunter could feel it. Well anything that touches Hunter's hands immediately goes into Hunter's mouth. Yes, that includes a six inch catfish! Ugh. Hunter thought it was the coolest thing in the world and laughed at mommie when she squealed and pulled him away. Boy do we have our hands full. : ) People have asked me if I got a picture of it. Yes I let him keep the live catfish in his mouth while I went to go retrieve my camera, take it out of its case, turn it on, and take a picture. Are you kidding me?! I needed to get it out before Hunter tried to proceed to bite the head off. Now that would be a nasty diaper to change!

11 July 2008

Smells Like Summer

Smell is supposed to be the strongest sense to recall memory. I love the smell of summer. Humid air, fresh cut grass, mulch, and charcoal. Here are a few things that the smell of summer reminds me off:
-My brother and his rope. My brother didn't have a blanky that he carried around. He had a rope. Boy could we get ourselves in trouble with that rope. Laundry shoots, climbing off the porch....
-F.C. Summer Church Camp. I went to camp from my 3rd grade year till after my senior year. No a/c, but great friends, fun, and pranks!
-Playing in the creek behind cooper court. We had two otters that lived back there. They were a blast to watch. I would catch crawdads and splash in the water.
-Crawling in storm drains to look for the ninja turtles. Kawabanga dude!
-First dating Anton. We started dating in the summer right after I got back from Africa. We had lots of nights talking outside till 5 am. Crazy man because he worked full time as a Chemist at this time. He was a good one as well. He made several developments for gas additives. Now he is an electrician and loves it.
-The lake. My family weren't big lake people. I love the lake, so I would always try to hitch on with some friends as a kid to go. Man I want to go to the lake so bad!
-Pregnant and taking 3 mile walks with my dad on the railroad tracks.

Hayes Family Smiling big for Six Months!

Finally we got some family pictures. We postponed buying Laundry detergent and other things to get these. You know what! It was worth making the laundry Wait!

I love it when he just cracks up like this!

We got this one.

I love this one of my boys!

I can hardly wait till we get to pick our pix up!

08 July 2008

Six Months!

My hunter man is six months today! How is it going so fast?!

07 July 2008

Hanging with Hunter and playing shutupship.

I love days that I just get to hang with Hunter! He started bananas last night. He wasn't sure about them at 1st, but he started chowing them down. I gave him carrots again 1st thing this morning to make sure the bananas didnt ruin his appetite for vegetables. Fortunately he still liked his carrorts just as much as before and still chowed down on his bananas for dessert. He also flipped 5 light switches today. I know... I know it is such a small thing, but I get excited about the little stuff!(Acctually I think it is huge!) My baby is getting so big. I started teaching him sign language.(Okay I started trying sign language and I hope he picks it up. : )) Part of the problem is learning the signs for my self. The daddie sign is hilarious. When I showed my husband he didn't believe me. They say 9 signs is the basic amount that you should start out with. I think I am going to work on teaching him Mommie, Daddie, Thank you, Please, More, Milk, My dad thinks grandpa should be one, and I haven't decided on the others, probably grama, uncle, and aunt. We then left to check on Grampa Hayes who just had foot surgery to make sure he wasn't dying on boredom. Okay it was also an excuse for us to leave the house. It was a little to hott to play outside for long. I love summer and I love being a mommie and wife!

06 July 2008

Happy Fourth and God Bless America!

This weekend reminded me how fortunate we are! Unfortunately Aunt Terra had to go back to Japan, but we have some great pictures from when she was here. Wednesday and Thursday we partied with our Culdasac Friends and watched surround showings of Fireworks. We thought Hunter would be afraid of the noise, but he loved the fireworks! Yes a little pyromaniac in the making. He had a huge pickle as he watched the show. Thursday we also got some family pix. Hunter was a ham for those of course. Then Friday and Saturday we went to Anton's family farm. We fished, ate, ate, and ate. I must admit that I am getting a little old for sleeping in the back of the truck. Stars were crystal clear, so it made up for my sore butt. On saturday morning we ran into a baby fawn. (Yes it still had its spots)Hunter made friends quickly. The fawn would come up to us, Hunter would get excited and start talking to it. The fawn would then jump and bounce a little bit then approach Hunter again to check him out. Once again Hunter would start babbling at him again. This repeated for about 45 min until we left the timber. Cute! We spent a lot of time in the creek. At first Hunter wasn't sure about the cold water. By the time we were ready to leave Hunter couldn't be ripped from the creek. He was having a blast. Course then we occupied him by the camp fire. His eyes wouldn't leave the flames. Hope you all had a good Fourth! Enjoy our pix.

03 July 2008


Apparently Hunter was greatly missed while he was not at day care last weekend. Hunter's daycare provider has a daughter that is a little over a year. Adorable girl I tell you. I guess she is in awe of our little man. On Monday when he went back the little girl was by his side all day. She wouldn't take a nap and when Hunter would sleep she would lay next to him watching him. Yes my son loved the attention. When Anton went to pick him up she walked Hunter all the way to the car holding the car seat the whole time. At least she is no longer crying when he has to go home. Yes Anton is proud of his son. Breaking hearts before he is a year.