30 June 2008

Hunter's Den

I haven't ever put pictures up of Hunter's nursery. Many have asked what his nursery looks like. I have always just responded just like a nursery you would expect for a baby named Hunter who has a Daddie like Anton. Well I guess that description isn't good enough. Most of the stuff in the nursery is from Anton's and my childhood. The duck decoys are from his Great Grandpappy Hayes. Tiger stuff is obviously from me and the fishing and hunting stuff from Anton. The duck decoys were Anton's grandparents. Some are antique and some are handpainted by Anton's mother. The blanket on the rocking horse is Hunter's Uncle Jack's. I made it for Uncle Jack and he loaned it to Hunter to borrow. Most of the stuffed animals are from either Aunt Terra or my childhood. Here is a tiny peek. Yes the closest is more cluttered than I would like and my goodness the stuffed animals are going wild.

29 June 2008

Where to start.

I love weekends that I don't even know where to start. My little man is getting so big. We took him fishing at cotton wood falls this weekend and he kept his eye on a pole for us. He didn't catch anything except for his toes. He doesn't like peas and if you attempt he will spit them at you! Like his mommie. I would probably spit them at you as well.
During Church Hunter started laughing, screeching, and talking loudly. Lovely! I used the excuse that I needed to change his diaper and took him back to the nursery. He got even louder and more excited in the nursery. Wow kids to pay attention to me. After a while I tried to take him back into the auditorium. He was not having it. As soon as I would take him out of the room he would scream. Yes he has already learned how to manipulate his Mommie. Oh and he thinks it is absolutely hilarious to knock over the ketchup bottle. Well I would give you all the details of our packed weekend, but I have a dirty and ornery boy that needs a bath. Have a good week!

27 June 2008

Picture time with Aunt Terra

Since Aunt Terra coming to town from Japan is a rare occasion I took Hunter and her to go get there pictures taken.

I got this in a super tiny size to go into a key chain that Terra got me.
I kick myself everyday for not getting this one. Oh his eyes are stunning.

This is my favorite of them.
She got this one.
She also got this one.

25 June 2008

A man to walk beside me

There are moments that I realize that my husband does not understand how much I appreciate him. I have no idea how to get him to understand my adoration for him. Sometimes when I watch him chopping vegetables I am amazed by how lucky I am to have him. Not just because he cooks and I would starve with out him : ), but he has this insightful ability to know how to make me feel like the most special person in the universe. Oh I love it. He can be so manly and sensitive all in one moment. That is perfection. Not to mention his Daddie skills. Let me tell you, nothing makes a man hotter than awesome Daddie skills. Hunter is just as awed by him as I am. I hope everyone is able to experiance the joy of having a true partner in life.

Wordless Wednesday

24 June 2008

Sleepless Brain

Okay. Here is an example what a sleepless brain can do to you. I have an hour commute each way to work. This morning about 45 min into my drive to work I was teary eyed and missing my baby. (The first day back is always the hardest.) I looked over my shoulder to take a peek at a toy Hunter left in the back seat and what do I see? Hunter's bucket carseat. Oh no! It was about 4:15 in the morning, so calling my husband for a suggestion was out of the question. What is really sad was that my homesick butt had a little happiness cause I would get to sneak one more peak at both of my babies. By the time I got home Tony would be running late if he would have to drop Hunter off, so I eagerly offered to take Hunter to day care. I crooked and stretched my arm, so I could hold his little hand the whole way. Hunter in return talked to me the whole way. Then something strange happened. About 2/3rds of the way there tears started coming. Not from Hunter, but from me. I do not know how my husband has the strength to drop him off at day care everyday. I felt like a limb was being torn off of me. Once I got there it took me probably another fifteen minutes to make myself leave. I was half tempted to call in, but if I let myself do it today I would probably never make it in to work. : )

23 June 2008

A bite out of Mommie.

Okay I need some advice. Hunter has these two new teeth. He hadn't tried them out while nursing until last night. Oww! I tried not to react emotionally and I told him no. He would stop, but he would do it again about 5 min later. He is only 5 1/2 months old, so I am not sure what gets through to babies at this age. Any advice I would appreciate it!

22 June 2008

Like a Fish

Finally a perfect weekend that we can go to the lake! Aunt Terra is in town from Japan so it is additionally perfect timing. We have been dying to get on the water. Anton and I are such water bugs and Hunter has really become a fish. I was kind of dreading the trip at first. I worried about how Hunter would handle the life jacket. The first time we tried him in his life jacket he immediately began screaming and would not tolerate the awkward thing for a second. When we were loading up on the boat I expected the same response from him when I had to buckle him into his life jacket. I got prepared to be able to stick a tit in his mouth if need be; however, this time he was so distracted by all the new sites he didn't even notice the awkward apparatus being applied. He loved the wind in his face and stared at the water in wonderment. I am amazed how tolerant he was of the whole trip. He even got in the lake with Mommie and Daddie to play. At first the cold water upset him extremely until he figured out how to warm up the water. : ) Oh side note. Buy little swimmers and do not use regular diapers. We thought it would just get extra soggy. The diaper exploded literally. I thank God for days like today!Oops. I guess I forgot it was not a perfect day for all of us. My father-in-law Rob had an accident driven day. He lost three lures to fishing, the only thing he caught was himself, and he broke his nose tubing. The lure went all the way into his calf. I was breastfeeding and Anton was reeling a fish in at the time. Aunt Terra and Granma Diana are not ones who deal with blood well. Luckily Anton got the fish taken care of quick and got the hook out. Note to self always have a first aid kit. Shortly after that he went tubing. He kept saying to go faster. Well Anton did and Rob ended up with a nose three times its normal size. Terra suggested when he gets surgery on his foot next week that the doc should just take care of it all right then. Grampa Hayes is sure a trooper. He still let us have a wonderful day amidst all of his unluckiness.

21 June 2008

Why it is worth it.

Here are some reasons why the poopy diapers, spit up, and sleepless nights are so worth it.
-Having tiny fingers wrap around yours with a grip that won't let go.
-The coo, smile, and look of adoration when he is done eating. (That has to be one of my favorites. He gives me a look that melts my heart every time.)
-There is someone who thinks your corny jokes are hilarious. (I knew I was funny. I just had to wait until someone came along that understood my humor. : )
-The way he caresses my face when he eats or is just wanting my attention.
-The giggling and cooing when he wakes up in the morning.
-Watching him and his Daddie sleep like they were twins.
-Watching him accomplishing new things everyday. (This is a hard one. I get excited and sad all at the same time. My baby is getting so big.)
-Coos, gabbing, and chatting while you are driving. He has a very special relationship with his monkey. They talk quite a bit.
-His arm stretching out to me when someone else is holding him.
-Seeing my husband talk baby talk.
-The way his toes curl when you touch his feet.
-Having a son who doesn't mind the constant flash of the camera. (Yes. I trained him well.)

18 June 2008

Wordless Wednesday

I am still learning, but I am giving it a shot.

16 June 2008


I have never felt pulled in so many directions until I became a Mother. Currently I am a full time Microbiologist, Wife, and Mother. All the jobs require overtime, but I am running out of time to add towards the over. I started cutting back on my sleep, but that just leaves less of me to go around. Where is the balance? I pray for help, but it still seems like I am missing something obvious. My dream would be to be a stay at home mother who gets paid to take pictures of her family. One, that shocks me that I would ever say that. A year ago I would have laughed at the idea of being a stay at home mom. Two, I don't think the rest of the world would be interested in buying pictures of my family. Hey it was a thought. : )My husband says it sounds like I am whining and that is a good point. I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to get to experiance all three things. They all give me enjoyment and help mold me into a better person. Grr. I hate when he is right like that. : ) I guess that is why I keep him around. Hmm. Are my posts getting mushy? Must be the hormones. : )

15 June 2008

Daddies Day!

Anton's first Daddies Day went great! I didn't know that I was going to enjoy Daddies Day this much. Hunter and I woke up Anton with presents that he hasn't already received yet. We then had a nice breakfast at home before touring the country side. Well the original plan was to go fishing; however, the weather didn't quite like that idea. We still had a blast checking out different areas then typical and seeing tons of wildlife. I only got a few pix of the wildlife, but the turned out good for drive by pix. Hunter even posed his toothies for me.
Here are pix of us. Okay mainly Hunter.

Here are a few of what we saw today!

I hope Anton enjoyed his day. He sure deserved to have. He is a wonderful father and husband. He surprises me each day. I am glad that I am blessed to spend my life with this hunk of a man.

14 June 2008

Not quite like Mommie.

Rock hard sleeper defines my husband. Today when I got Hunter to sleep finally I took him downstairs to my husband. Anton woke up, I told him that I was going to run errands, and he took Hunter from me. I come home and Anton has this puzzled look on his face and asked where I went. I reminded him that we had this conversation before I left. Still no recollection. He said it was discomforting waking up and Hunter being in the bed with him. Why in the world would that be discomforting? I put him in the bed all the time. Anton then explained how he was woken. I guess Hunter got hungry and then was upset that my husbands tits were not giving him milk so he gave it a bite and starting shaking his head to try to get milk out. That woke the sleepy giant. Guess he is going to start wearing shirts to bed. :)

Saran Wrap

That is what I am going to start calling Hunter. Now that he is not feeling like himself he only dares to socialize from the comforts of mommie and daddies arms. Little stinker. Ohh for reall I better check his load. Hopefully he won't pull out the whole chunk of my hair that he has in his hand. : )

12 June 2008

What time is it?

You guessed it. It is picture time again. My Hunter is 5 months and going!

I love his full body smile in this one.

This one is too cute. I wish I could get them all.

I did get this one! I love his expression!
I should've got this one.

I did get this one. I love how it has all of his expressions.
I wanted to get this one really bad, but my coupon wouldn't go towards it. *Tear*
He loves this doggie to pieces. He thinks the ears are quite tasty!