30 May 2008


I realized today that I may be a little over protective of Hunter. I sure have some mamma bear instincts coming out. I went to a garage sale at one of our neighbor's house. The lady asked to hold Hunter. Okay I can do that. I am pretty generous about letting people hold the most beautiful child in the world. (Yes I believe that everyone agrees with me. lol) I take him back after ten minutes to go home and he smells like her perfume. Ugh. No child of mine is supposed to smell like another woman's perfume. I was actually mad. Man I had to go home and change him right a way. When he comes home from daycare I like to bath him right away to get rid off the foreign smell. My baby is supposed to smell like me!(or his daddie) Okay, where did the neurotic sense of over protectiveness come around. Maybe it is the prenatal vitamins. : )

25 May 2008

New Vue on the Horizon

If you all read my last post you heard about my car trouble. All week my husband has been trying to figure out what was wrong with my poor mustang. The sad final news came Saturday morning. The pony's motor was locked up and would take a minimum of $3,000.00 to fix it. *tear* I had great memories in that car. It was my second vehicle I had ever had and I had driven it for over five years. It was a blast to drive. Driving with the purring engine and the top down was a little taste of heaven. Course it didn't really fit motherhood. It was a two-door vehicle and once I put in the carseat in I couldn't have any passengers. It took me ten minutes each time to get in and out of the car. Okay not really that long, but I looked like a bent pretzle carrying a clown family trying to put Hunter in the car. It did literally take me 45 minutes to figure how to put the stroller in there. I drove to the zoo with the stroller taking up the whole passenger seat and part of the driver seat. Once I got there it took me another 15 to figure out how to get it out. So let's say that Anton and I understood that the pony would eventually have to go back to the farm. We have been looking at vehicles since we found out I was pregnant we were just never ready to take the financial dive.(When I say looking I do not mean glancing. We test drove and test drove. We dickered and dickered. We just never bought) I guess this locked engine pushed us in whether we wanted to buy or not. The nice thing about spending a year looking is that Saturday we showed up to one dealership, test drove one car, and then began the purchasing process. Thank goodness we did not shop around all day. I thought once you knew what car you wanted and settled on a price that was that. I thought the dickering is what took all the time. Ohhh no! I felt like I was selling my life a way. It took three hours from once we settled on a price and got approved for a loan before we got to get into our pretty new vue. Boy was it worth it though! I now longer feel like a teenage mother driving around. I can get Hunter in and out with ease and actually have passengers with me. Woohoo. Our whole family can fit in a vehicle together! The gas mileage kicks the mustangs in the butt, Anton and I can actually hear each other while we are driving, and we don't have to stack all of the groceries on the passengers lap. Oh and we both love the orange color. MMMM. Lucky thing was it is Memorial Day weekend, so we got a sweet deal!

20 May 2008

Murphy's law

Yesterday I had a good healthy dose of Murphy's law. First it is a Monday starting a four in a row 14 hour day week. (I count my twelve hour days as 14 since I have a two hour commute.)I wake up at three in the feeling like I went to sleep thirty minutes ago. (My son and I were up most the night coughing and sneezing.) I realize while I am getting ready that I am missing one of my new pearl earrings. I frantically look everywhere. I get the crazy idea that I somehow flushed it down the toilet, so I wake my husband up to help me look(my husband is not a person that does well with out nine hours of sleep, so I am desperate when I wake him up). He plungers the toilet, moves the bed, and searches in the chair to no avail. When I finally decided to call it quits on looking for my first mother's day pearl I realize I am too late to pick up my carpool buddie. Arriving at work did not stop my Murphy's dose there. Course what happened at work has to stay at work. I know it is a bummer, but hopefully you get the idea. Then it is time for me to go home. I am excited to go get my baby, so I call and check up on him and I got no answer. That never puts a mother in a good mood. Right after I leave a message my cars makes a few clicks and shuts off while I am going 70+ on a highway. Uh what. I had no where to pull over since I was on a bridge. I was stuck just hanging on the highway with semis blazing past making my little GT Shake it's tiny little nuts loose. Okay. When I am stuck and I don't know what is wrong with my car to where I can not fix it myself who do I call? My Husband! Okay, he didn't pick up that time I will try again. Okay, not that time I will leave a message that sounds a little pathetic and maybe he will call back. Okay, no call I will try again. No answer, I leave a message sounding a little more pathetic. Maybe he just can't hear his phone, so I will try again. I try this for 10 to 15 more minutes. Hmmm. Maybe he is at his parents I will try there. No answer. Maybe they are outside and can't hear the phone, so I will try again. This pattern repeats for a while. Hmm maybe his mom knows where he is. No answer. At this time it is 90 degrees out and I am stuck in a car with a black top and black leather seats. Let's just say I was sweating a tad. Okay. I got a little nervous at this point. One where is my husband. I typically can get a hold of him pretty easily and two that semi came way to close that time. I start looking through my phone book to get someones number that I work with to see if they could pick me up while I am trying to figure out where in the world my husband is. Ahh Rob's (Anton's Dad)cellphone number. Well he never answers that unless he is at work. I might as well give it a shot. He is probably with Anton. It rings and I am sure I am going to get a machine. "Hello, nope I don't know where Tony is. I will be right there" The last half of that sentence was very comforting. Right after I got off the phone a police officer pulled up. His gutsy butt pushed me off the bridge to the side of the highway. Thank goodness. I don't have to say a little prayer every ten seconds when a semi approaches my car. Okay. This is a good time to call my supervisor to let her know that I may not be in tomorrow. Got a hold of her. Oh no! Mid conversation my phone dies. Lovely. Perfect timing for your cellphone to die. Forty five minutes later I am picked up. Whew. I get out of the hot car and get to see my beautiful son! Have to leave my car there for the time being. Get a hold of Anton. He accidentally fell asleep in his truck and did not hear his phone. Thank goodness he is okay. Late that night my car pulls up at my in laws on a trailer. Phew, no one pillaged my car and I get to go home and get into bed with my family. Good stuff. Now to count the blessings.
-My husband found my earring right after I left.
-I didn't have my carpool buddie, so she didn't have to get stuck with me.
-It is allergies not the flu.
-I got a hold of someone
-My phone didn't die until after I got a hold of someone
-I didn't get squished by a semi
-I have a super light car that is easy to push.
-My father in law and Husband are handy and trailered my car home.
-I got to see my son
-My husband is okay. (feels a little guilty, but okay!)
Thank you God and please continue to keep my family safe. Oh yeah can you make it an easy cheap fix on my car? Thanks!
I can't leave a post with out a few pix of Hunter, so here they are!

18 May 2008

Don't drink the water.

Four months pregnant and I got a job as a Microbiologist at a pharmaceutical company. I thought I would be in a traditional lab, but somehow I landed into preggo land. My supervisor was five months pregnant, the Microbiologist who was training me his wife transferred to our department was just a week behind me in her pregnancy, another microbiologist in my group was seven months pregnant, and a tech was expecting a grandbaby. I think God handpicked my department. Goodness anything I needed to know about having a child was told to me in gruesome detail. Sometimes they made me want to turn back with all their gory detail. Now nine months later we all have beautiful babies. I made it through and learned to appreciate all the advice they gave me. Course I did not realize what a chunky monkey Hunter really was until last night. We had a going away bbq for Travis(A Microbiologist who is leaving, but has had a huge education in pregnancy and birth. We told his fiance last night that whenever she gets pregnant she doesn't need a book. Travis lived in prego land and now knows all.)last night and got to play with two of the babies. Clay is 13 days younger than him and a good two pounds smaller. Addilyn is little over a month older than him and a good 3 pounds lighter. I felt like I was holding baby dolls compared to him. It was sure cute watching the babies interact with eachother. Better than watching them play in the mirror! Soon we need to get a department baby pix. We could put it up on our office door with a warning Don't Drink the Water!

17 May 2008

Combo =100% Cute

Everyone is always asking who does Hunter look like. To me the better question is what does he get from Anton and what does he get from Mercedes(that's me). Here is a list of my best guess.
-Eyes from me for sure. Mine are blue and Anton's are the most beautiful golden hazel.
-Ears Anton! Anton makes fun of Hunter's ears all the time, but it cracks me up cause they look just like his.
-Nose... hmmm... that is a debate. At least his nose doesn't look like his baby waves pictures. (3D sonogram) It looked liked it covered half of his face. The lady performing the sonogram asked us who he looked like. We both looked at each other and wanted to say a monkey not us. Thank goodness he was born with a perfect nose! That was definitely a relief.
-Dimples. Hmm we both have them, but I think they are in the same spot Antons are located.
-Butt. That would be me! We both have the big rear ends.
-Skin tone. Thankfully he gets that from Anton. I would feel horrible if my children popped out saltine white like me. At least I tan well and don't really burn.
-Smile. Anton! They both have smiles that just make anyone melt.
-Cheeks. Those would probably be me. His chubby cheeks looks exactly like mine in my baby pictures.
-Sense of humor. Considering the fact that sometimes Hunter will crack up laughing while he is farting his sense of humor definitely comes from his father. I guess that is fine as long as he gets his daddie's height as well!

16 May 2008

Hunter is 4 Months!

Here are some pix of Hunter. Yes I am crazy and take him to get his pictures taken every month. At first I thought there might not be a reason to the madness, but I already am treasuring the pictures dearly. Anton is starting to admit he does as well, but he gives me a hard time cause I spend a little more each month. Oops. The first couple of times we took Hunter it was a nightmare. They would wait for Hunter to smile and pose before taking a picture. Honey at two weeks old no baby is going to pose!(we still got some awesome pix. the pix on my blog header is from Jcpenny when he was two weeks) Another time when I was trying to get some cut bum shots he peed all over the set. Oops! Instead of cleaning it up the people behind us just sat in it to take their pix. Ooo gross! I guess that is what they get for being impatient. His three month pictures is when the change of the seasons seemed to occur. He started to get the routine down and when the preflash would come on he cheesed it big. Maybe he has figured out if he smiles he is done quicker. It might be that or he likes flirting with the ladies at JcPenny's. I don't care it is sure easier on me either way! If you would like to order any of these just email me or leave me a comment. I will then send you an order link.

Sorry these are not on a pretty slide show, but that software won't take bmp's. Oh well. You can still enjoy my Handsome Hunter. : )

I got an 8x10 of this one.

I ordered a 10x10 of this one.

I also got a 10X10 of this one!

I haven't gotten his 3 month pix scanned in yet, but here are some of his 2 month pix.

Hunter at exactly one month.

Hunter at two weeks and a day.

13 May 2008

Who bore the child?

I am home sick with my child, so while Hunter was finally sleeping I decided to order photos. York is having a 4 cent photo deal. Who could pass that up? I counted. I have 18 photos with my son after he was born about 9 that are decent(these are combined of all the photos I collected from everyone). Most of those have Anton in them. Nothing wrong with that. I have to admit I am a little hurt. Okay more like a lot, but what you going to do. Oh yeah whine in your blog. : ) I have probably about a couple hundred of him with his daddie and about 50 to 100 with each grandparent and close to that with some of his greats. I wish I could go back in time and get more pix of me with him. I probably have less pix with my son total than I took pix of him with his dad just while we were in the hospital. A result of me having a broken family and Anton not I suspect. I guess I will have to be more conscious of that with my next children. If you are a new expecting mother heads up. If you have to get the hospital janitor to take pix of you and your baby. It will be so worth it. Yes my whining session is over and you can get back to your day. : )