27 April 2008


Aunt Terra gave Hunter the most adorable Baby Seuss book. It is brightly colored, soft, and makes cool noises. I thought it would be great for when Hunter was a bit older. I took it out of the diaper bag to see if Hunter would play with it at all. Hunter mesmerized would feel the page, turn the page(yes he would actually turn the page himself. He did it the first time that he played with the book!), and would make faces at the pages. It is adorable. I had no clue that babies had that ability at this age. That is on the to do list to get some more of those books for sure!
(pix with Grand Uncle Justin)

25 April 2008

Good Will Ambassador

The other night Anton and I were re-evaluating our finances. As you can imagine the air was a tad tense. I was done feeding Hunter, so I handed him off to his daddie for burping and I went to the restroom. I come out and I hear cooing, laughing, and my husband making the funniest baby noises. It was beautiful. We became relaxed, popped out a new finance plan quick, and enjoyed the rest of the night as a family.

21 April 2008

Lick It and Stick It.

I like my job; however, I hate the first day back to work. Right now I am on a twelve hour schedule. It allows to to have a three day weekend one week and a four day weekend the next. It is wonderful getting to spend the extra time with my Hunter, but that first day back I go through withdrawals. I try to not call the babysitter during the day, but the first day of the week I can't restrain myself. I call just hoping to hear him gabbing in the background. (I used to call her everyday until my husband found out. He thought that I needed to let her be, but she has my baby.)I con everyone at work into looking at my blog and a blab about what he did over the weekend. I think people dread seeing me after my weekend off. : ) I am one of those mothers I swore I would never be. It is just so hard when you feel like he has gained a pound in a day. My babysitter says he has withdrawals his first day back as well. Course she might be saying that to console me and get off the phone. I need a baby patch. Maybe I can lick the back of one of his million photos of him I have at work(I almost have a bulletin board covered and he isn't even 4 months yet) and slap it to my arm. Hmmmm. I might give it a try. ; )

What's all the poo about?!

I just changed a horrendously large poopy diaper. Hunter cracks me up. I was breastfeeding while blogging. My typical routine. Then Hunter popped off early and had this huge smile on his face. How cute! Then the stench hit me, drug me down to the corner, and knocked me out. Okay it wasn't that bad, but it was close. : )I took him to go change his diaper and my husband's son laughed and smiled the whole time. I honestly believe he was proud of his accomplishment. How my husband taught "his" son that by 3 1/2 months I will never know. When he was changed he was ready to finish his meal where he left off.
His pooping practices have evolved considerably over the past 3.5 months. Up until a month ago he pooped about every two to three hours. Except at night. He has only pooped twice at night since he has been born. Now Hunter poops about every other day and they rival my husbands. When he was first born he didn't even notice if he dirtied his diaper. They didn't stink either. We couldn't figure out what all the fuss was about. At about a month they started stinking a bit and he would fuss before he pooed until you got the diaper off of him. By two months once you picked him up to go change his diaper he would stop crying. Now He smiles when he farts or poos. You can hear him in the next room at times when he poos and others you are passed put before you notice. I feel like I need a gas mask for survival. Now I understand the purpose of a diaper genie. I really need two. One for upstairs and on for down.
Some tips for things poo related:
-Diaper genie for each level of your house. ( I need to heed my own advice on this one!)
-Have baskets placed throughout your home that contain wipes, diapers, diaper cream, (petroleum jelly for boys right after their snip snip), hand sanitizer, and a changing pad. (I love the chicco ones.) My supervisor suggested it and it works wonderfully. Might as well have the changing supplies come to you instead of you having to trump around your house to a changing table. With the pads you can change on the couch, floor, bed, and table. (of course don't leave children unattended on elevated surfaces)I saved two hundred bucks on not buying a changing table and I don't miss having one on bit.
-Get a changing wallet to put in your diaper bag. They have a changing mat and just hold wipes, diapers, and a few small items. They are perfect for when you are just running in somewhere. They are also great for going out. I just take the wallet with me to the bathroom and not the whole massive bag. Also with the pad I don't have to worry if the mom before you cleaned up well or not.
-Get the small hand sanitizer bottle with loops that attach on things then just refill them with a large container. The small bottle with the loops are handy, but just too expensive to replace each time you run out. You can buy those massive bottles for about the same price. Weird Huh. As a microbiologist I am a compulsive hand sanitizer after I change diapers. It is definitely as step you should not skip. It is too easy to make you and your baby sick. Washing hands is the number one way to prevent the spread of disease.
-If you have a boy keep him covered. It only takes him a tenth of a second to saturate everything in his vicinity.
-Remember diaper changing is your husbands responsibility as well. I am easy and I have a one diaper a day quota for my husband. Which works well now that Hunter doesn't poo that often. : )
-Remember the poo is so worth it!

The song doesn't really fit the topic, but it fits my husband!

20 April 2008

I am It!

Chelley has tagged me to tell random facts about myself. I have postponed the taggee duties, because I find my son a lot more interesting then myself. Course I am no party pooper, so I buckled down and put down a few facts. : )If you know me well these are probably all old news.
I have ophidiophobia - Fear of snakes. This is not the typical eww snakes are gross. This is sweating, shortness of breath, tachycardia, dizziness fear of snakes. I used to love snakes until my first year at church camp when I was almost bit by a copperhead. At that time I thought it was cool until the nightmares wouldn't go away. There are times I slept on the kitchen counter cause the nightmares were so bad. I actually just had another snake nightmare as I was taking my nap yesterday. If anyone has a cure for nightmares I would love it!
I am a sleeptalker! I can hold conversations in my sleep which is weird cause typically I am a light sleeper.
I was the student body president of my university.( I had a blast at that job!)
I love traveling. I have been to Mexico, Canada, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Amsterdam, Guatemala, Belize, England, France, India, Bali Indonesia, and that is all I can think of at this time. I hope I get to travel many more places! oh and I believe I have been to 49 of the fifty states thanks to my father who loves road trips. Alaska is still on my to do list.
I still remember all the words to the ninja turtle movies. I use to crawl into storm drains looking for them. No such luck, but found lots of other cool things!
My first date with Anton we saw Finding Nemo. (I love that movie)
I am a picture taking fanatic! (If you have ever read my blog before I am sure you noticed.)I would love to do it professionally.
For anymore info you just got to stay tuned in. : )

Morning Sunshine

Tony and I are definitely both morning people. We are talkative in the morning and normally always in a good mood in the morning. Fortunately for us Hunter definitely has this trait as well. When he wakes up first thing in the morning he is all smiles. He coos and laughs at about anything. You can have him cracking up for about thirty minutes until he decides to eat. Yesterday morning after breakfast Anton kidnaps Hunter goes to the nursery and locks the door. All I hear is laughing from both of my men. Fifteen to thirty minutes later out comes my son decked in camo from head to toe and my husband with a huge proud grin. I go into the nursery and every piece of clothing that even has a little camo on it was laid on the floor. I think they had way too much fun.
The rest of the day was beautiful as well. Perfect weather and perfect company. My lil hunter definitely enjoys the outdoors even if his mother let him get a little cherry red. I must say I love the sunshine!
I almost forgot. Hunter got a Japanese surprise yesterday. He got a package from his Aunt Terra filled with the most adorable 6-9 month clothes and the cutest baby Dr. Seuss book.Thank you Aunt Terra. What is sad is a few of the clothes already fit. My lil boy is growing up. *tear*

Boy do I need to get pix with my son! He will think I was never around! Note to self to work on that!
Somehow that made me think about the topic of baby dreams. (Yes today is random tangent day. If you know me at all you know I am very good at the art of tangenting.) Do babies dream? Hunter laughs, smiles, frowns, and sometimes cries in his sleep. (He got that from his mother. I am a sleep talker.) Are these reactions to his baby dreams? And if babies dream what do they dream about? Endless supplies of milk, toys, and time on the Johny jumper. Maybe they dream about being more mobile and getting into stuff that they currently have no hope of getting into. I know Hunter is frustrated that he can't crawl yet. He tries to launch himself towards things which can be scary when you are holding him. Maybe he just dreams of flying. I am sure if they dream it is not nearly in the detail as adult dreams. Course I am not sure if there is really anyway of knowing unless anyone of you remember baby dreams.
One more tangent. Two days ago was Grampa Brown's Bday! Happy Bday Grampa Brown! Here are some family pix below.

18 April 2008

Shout Out!

Hunter has not been able to meet his Uncle Jack or Aunt Terra yet. His Aunt Terra got to see him in belly by sonogram, but his Uncle Jack hasn't gotten to see him in any form yet. Hunter's Aunt Terra (Anton's older and only sister) live in Japan currently, so the ocean between makes it difficult for her to visit. Hunter's Uncle Jack (My younger and only brother) lives in Utah and I guess that big salt lake makes it difficult for him to come see Hunter. Hunter has had the blessed opportunity to talk to both of them on the phone. Let me tell you Hunter is a talker. If you start talking over him at times he will just talk louder. I am not quite sure what he is saying yet. It is fun to imagine. "Hey mom. Where's the milk? I am expecting a good portion of it here in thirty minutes. My doggie over here is so much fun to lay on and to chew on his ears. You should try it some time. Dude! Where's my car? Oh yeah! Say hi to my Favorite Uncle Jack for me and my favorite Aunt Terra for me! Thanks Mom."

16 April 2008

Button Pusher

Once again I am a first time mother, so every little achievement amazes me. I feel like I have to broadcast every detail to the world. I decided that I will not shy from that fact and embrace it. Here is my broadcast. Hunter deliberately pushed his first button this past Monday. Yes my son is a genius. He was in his Johny Jumper while I was picking up the house. I stuck a Baby Einstein toy on the Johny Jumper tray. I would push the buttons for him so he could listen to the music and watch the lights. When I was in the middle of doing dishes the toy stopped playing. I turned to go start it again when my personal baby einstein stuck out his index finger and pushed the button to make it play. I wish I would have videoed his face. He was so excited with his accomplishment. I immediately had to notify his father who was at work at that time. Parenthood rocks!

14 April 2008

Roly Poly

Hunter started rolling at two weeks and the bad mom I am didn't tape him until 2 weeks ago.

Nike Blues

Yesterday was picture day at church; therefore, we got Hunter all cute and snazzy. He was a ham for the pix as usual. ( I have trained him well with all the pix I take.) He started fussing toward the beginning of church. Pretty usual for him since it is when he eats. I took him to the mother's room, changed his diaper, and fed him. About the time he should have been done eating he started screaming. I checked and I still had milk, so I changed his diaper. Still massive tears. I walked around and burped him. Still wailing. I walked, jiggled, and patted. Finally, I decided to grab Anton and we left church early. He cried the whole way home. That was strange behavior. Normally the car ride always settles Hunter down. Got home and decided to give him baby Tylenol which I am normally against. Still Hunter screamed. Okay maybe a bath would do it. Took of his cute Nike's to get him ready and he stopped crying. His poor little feet were beet red. Just when Anton and I thought we were getting this parenting thing down. : )

06 April 2008

Need a Brick!

I can't stretch Hunter's clothes on him anymore! He was able to wear his 3-6 fine and I could stretch his 0-3 on him. Not anymore! I stretched and pulled and stretched to no avail. One of my favorite outfits had to be decommissioned today. *tear* I didn't know they grew this fast. I was not prepared for this! I think I have 7 outfits from 3-6. I need to go shopping, but by the time I go he might be ready for 6-9. I can't even think about that. I know I am not ready for that at all. Man at this speed he will be 18 by tomorrow. Okay I got to stop or I am going to have a melt down.
On a positive note Hunter started squealing today when he is excited. It is the cutest. He is so aware of his surroundings. Oh and today was baby Sunday at our church. There were 13 babies born recently. They were all adorable. I am not partial, but mine was the cutest! : )