27 February 2008

Home Sick

I can't stand having someone else taking care of Hunter while I am at work. Today when I called the daycare provider to check up on him I could hear him crying in the back ground. My heart broke. It was all I could do to keep from leaving work right then to go tend to him. I feel like he thinks I abandoned him. My husband had to keep reminding me not to speed while I was driving home. It just takes so long to get home to him and Tony.

19 February 2008

Sick Baby

My poor baby is sick. Tear. I kept him home all this time to prevent him from getting anything; however, that plan did not work. I guess people coming over to visit exposes him just as much. I feel horrible for him. Poor little guy struggles eating cause his nose is so stuffed. He looks at me with this sweet sad eyes that appear to begging me to make him feel better. It breaks my heart.

18 February 2008

Two more days

The days go by way too fast. This Wednesday I have to go back to work. I can barely stand the thought. I have really enjoyed this time at home with Hunter. He has grown so fast. He seems to grow an inch every day. I cant imagine how fast it will seem once I go back to work.

17 February 2008


Yesterday morning as our family(I love saying that!)was waking up Hunter began crying for food. I got up to go to the restroom which made Hunter really mad. He started crying at the top of his lungs. During his crying out came Mommie! I turned to Tony and he said he just cried mommie. Now I know that he didn't know he was crying Mommie, but it came out exactly like that. My heart jumped. I don't care if he knew what he was saying or not it was still sweet. Or maybe my son is a genius and can talk before he is even six weeks. A mom can always hope. : )

14 February 2008

Cry Baby

I never thought I would think a crying baby was cute; however, I think Hunter is the cutest crier. He cries for ten seconds the stops and makes a face. You can tell he is about to cry because he turns bright red and the veins on his head pop out. At times it looks like his veins are going to burst. Also a crying baby is an excellent excuse to leave!
Some pictures of my perfect child during some of his not so perfect moments.

Wide eyed baby.

We have had tons of comments from Hunter's Doctors and Nurses about how alert and strong he is for his age. We have also had complaints about how most of the pictures on this site are of him sleeping; therefore, here are some wide eyed pics.

Daddie's Best Birthday Present

Mommie and Hunter
Daddie, Mommie, and Hunter

Great Gama Turner, Mommie and Hunter

Granny Di and Hunter

Gampa Brown and Hunter

Papa Hayes and Hunter

Daddie and Hunter 

Our Precious Hunter!
I am a little behind on my blogging since I didn't start until Hunter was already 5 weeks; however, what is a baby blog with out the birth story. Tell you the truth my memory is a little foggy. I think God makes it that way so you are willing to have more children. I do remember thinking at one moment that I am never having children again. Somehow when Hunter arrived I completely changed my mind. Well I guess I did have that thought again when the pain killers wore off. :)Well to the story I guess. It was a nice January morning. Okay I will try to cut the cheesy stuff out.

I was going for a weekly appointment at my OB/GYN. By this time I was huge, but I was told several times to expect your first baby to be late. When my Doctor came in I jokingly asked him to put me on leave, because I felt like an elephant. He said no problem. I was shocked and thought I should have asked weeks ago. : )Then he told me that I was going to go to the Hospital that day. I thought he was joking. Turns out he wasn't. He had the nurses scheduling me before I could even register what was happening. Apparently in the sonogram I had the week before it showed the placenta was starting to deteriorate, so it was time to coax baby Hunter out. Okay, it was more than coaxing. While the nurses were calling the hospital i thought I should probably call Tony to let him know that he was going to have a birthday delivery the next day. Tony's word were No poo. Okay that was the G rated version. I mean this is a baby site. No profanity is allowed.

After talking to the soon to be dad I ran around like a chicken with its head cut off. I had planned for Hunter to come no sooner than a week. I had all these things left unfinished that I wanted done before hunter arrived. Well nothing got done except for finishing packing for the hospital and my dad buying me a big mac(yes you have cravings right up to delivery). Anton an I left for the Hospital and then arrived at 3:45pm. Now when the nurse checking you in tells you not to worry about eating because they will let you eat later ignore her! I had to negotiate for hours before they would let Anton bring me a sandwich. I think they let me have one just cause I wore them down. Don't mess with a hungry pregnant woman.

Five that evening they started me on Citateck. Kind of a boring drug. It just causes a lot a bleeding. Everything was running smoothly until 4:30 that morning. It seemed like everyone was delivering around us. All you could hear were screams. Not a comforting sound before you have a baby. I told tony that I changed my mind. He comforted me with the words too late. Great time for that kind of sense of humor honey! They started me on Pitocin at 5:30 am. The contractions were worse but manageable. Another piece of advice, when they offer the epidural take it. I thought it wasn't so bad that I could handle it. Stupid! Once they broke my water I learned what real pain was! I took over an hour for the anesthesiologist to come once I conceded(The nurse finally talked me into it. Yes I am an idiot.). After he arrived it took him over an hour to get it in right. I don't now how those women screamed. I was in too much pain to scream or even open my eyes. Tony had to remind me to breath. Though once the epidural finally kicked in I was in heaven. It was better than eating reese's peanut butter cups and cheesecake at the same time!

My Dr came in a checked in on me about 30 min after having my epidural. He said it looked like it was time to push. I dilated from 4cm to 10cm in less than an hour. I am glad that I got my epidural then or I would have been out of luck. I did not want to feel the ripping and cutting by any means! Tony coached me perfectly through the whole thing I love my man even if it was his fault that I had a living being ripped and cut from me. What am I getting to graphic? Sorry you lose all sense of modesty when you have 20 people staring at your womenly area that is ten times the normal size like it is the last 2 minutes of the superbowl game. Okay... Okay...I will spare you all the further gross details and just cut to Hunter being born at 1:29 p.m. weighing 7lbs. 3 oz. and 18" long. He was the most beautiful ninja turtle I have ever seen. : )

13 February 2008

Water Bug

Water Bug

Hunter is such a water bug. He loves swishing in the water. He even enjoyed his first bath right after he was born. Unfortunately I missed watching his first since I was still laid up. Taking him out is no fun. He will let you know at the top of his lungs that he is not done.

A Few Pix

A good night sleep.

I wish a would have started this blog several weeks ago. I didn't realize how fast he would grow and change in just a 5 week period. It has definitely been the fastest 5 weeks of my life. We have had lots of sleepless night, dirty diapers, and picture perfect moments.
Most nights Hunter gets up at least three times a night if not more. Last night was a wonderful Eight hour night. I did wake up several times throughout the night just to make sure he was alive. I couldn't believe that he wasn't waking up. I wonder if baby Hunter can keep that up. I am guessing I shouldn't keep my hopes up.