12 December 2008

Sweatin' the Small stuff!

There are millions of precious sweet tiny moments. I wish I could capture them all. I can't blog or scrapbook them all. What am I talking about I have hardly scrapbooked anything. I wish they could just turn my blog into a scrapbook! Anyways, what I was saying is how do you remember the perfect smile when you are unbuckling your child out of the seat or the squeeze from you husband at the most perfect time.


Earl Gearl said...

It looks like you have a similar high chair as me...that would make sense, huh. Anyway, mine has a bear and a goose on it, but not a tray table. Apparently it did at one time. I asked my dad if he could make one for it and he said no. Boo.

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

Simply adorable!!!

I love the high chair!!! Is it passed on from you or your husband?

Brad said...

My he has a lot of teeth already!



Mercedes said...

Tony acctually found it at a garage sale for twenty bucks.