27 December 2008

Random Moments!

Here are a few moments that happened over the past week that I want to make sure to remember. The day after we had Christmas with My Dad's side of the Family Hunter was playing with his Grampa Brown and found a chest hair! He plucked it and then tried to look on his chest to try to find the same thing. He kept going back and forth trying to figure out why Grampa had 'em and he didn't. The rest of the night he kept tugging on his own shirt trying to see if he was just missing them. So cute. Oh also later that night he started playing on his toy laptop and actually pretending to type. It was hilarious. I know he watches Tony and me type all the type I just didn't realize that he was aware enough of what we were doing to try to mimic it! Wow kids are so much smarter than I realized. Also on Christmas morning Hunter learned to say a new word. "NO!" He would go up to something that he wasn't supposed to mess with it. Stand next to it and go "no...no..no." So he does hear us! He just chooses to ignore us!


Jamie said...

The best moments are the random moments...Some of my absolute favorite photos have come from "Random" moments.

Anonymous said...

Hi. My name is Laura and I was visiting your site...your dad gave me the link
Your son is so darn cute. I bet this Christmas was the best ever for you. Best wishes and God Bless.

Tabitha Blue said...

So cute!!! What a fun Christmas!! Isn't it amazing what our little kiddos pick up on!!!