28 December 2008

On to the New Year!

I hadn't put a pix of Hunter up in his wagon yet. Cute huh? He love strolling around in that thing. Course he hasn't figured out that he shouldn't crawl out of it yet, so it is a toy that still needs very close supervision. By the way watch out for the handle. : )
Yesterday we headed over to My grandparents to finish off Christmas 2008 and prepare for the new year. My grandparents always have a train around the Christmas tree. I am thinking I need to start that tradition. Hunter was amazed by the train and even found some buttons that his cousins were unaware that existed.

His Great Grampa bought his Gramma a Dancing frog. Hunter thought it was amazing.

This was the first time Hunter got to see his cousins. They sure became quick friends.
They strolled all over the house.

They even climbed a few stairs.
My Grampa played his clarinet for everyone.

I think Hunter was his biggest fan.
I ended up getting horribly sick during gift opening, so none of those pictures turned out. I am a little bummed about that. What a way to end Christmas! Anyways, lets just say Santa really likes Hunter. Here is a pix of his three step trike that he got. Hunter thinks it is the neatest thing ever and the buckle even makes it really safe for him. I guess Tony and I need to go out and get him a helmet soon.
Well I hope you all have a happy new year!
I am trying to get ready for Hunter to turn one. I need some waterproof mascara I think!

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