22 December 2008

A merry first Christmas!

This Sunday we kicked of this Christmas with a wonderful gathering of with My family. My lovely Husband made a fantastic meal as you can see in the pictures food covered our kitchen. There was only six of us and we had enough food for thirty people! My dad came to town and my Grandparents came over. Hunter as always got into the food! That boy can sure throw down some grub! To my suprise he even got into the presents! At first the tissue paper was a distraction, but once he realized that there were prizes in the tissue paper he was game! He was on to his daddie to open his presents quick so he could get to playing. Tony and I got ton's of fantastic Watkin's products from my grandparents and My dad gave us a rock awesome digital picture frame. I am so excited! I take millions of pictures and never have the money to print them. What a perfect thing to do with my pix. He also got Hunter some sweet camo boots! Perfect for our little Hunter! Tis the Season to be Merry!

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