26 December 2008

Merry Christmas 2008!

I am having a blast this year on Hunter's First Christmas! Christmas with my Dad and his family was wonderful. Then Christmas Eve Hunter, Tony, and I delivered packages to a family and got to see their excitement. It was definitely a true Christmas Miracle. Our church sent out an email about a family who had nothing and was sleeping on the floor. I sent the email out to work and we had a huge response. By Christmas Eve the family had beds, furniture, Kitchen utensils, a Christmas tree with an abundance of decorations and a mound of present under the tree. The little five year old girl was beside herself with excitement! What a special gift. The mother kept saying how she loved Kansas and what a true Christmas Miracle. Following delivering presents we came home and I let Hunter and Tony open their Christmas eve presents. Christmas PJ's. Yes I am a nerd, but I thought it would be a cute and fun tradition. Hunter got two cute sleepers from Carter's and Tony got a Grinch set. Then Hunter and I slept on the couch to wait for Santa. Okay actually I fell asleep while Anton was watching a football game. Same thing right.
0445 Christmas Morning Hunter was ready to go. I had crawled in bed by then and just took Hunter with me. Hunter was poking his Daddie's face trying to wake him up. Anton thought he had a couple of Christmas's to go before that. lol.

Course Hunter didn't understand that it was Christmas so he went into his room to start playing with his blocks.

Hey buddy come check out what is in the other room!
First toy of Christmas Morning was a Ball! Hunter has been playing with the thing wrapped for about a month now. Time to get that baby out! My goodness was he excited. I didn't think we could get his attention on another present. Course that ended up being the trend. With each toy he would get so excited and would want to play with it we could barely get him to open the next present. Then the next present would come along and that was the coolest thing in the world. What fun! I didn't expect him to get excited about the toys and him to be more interested in the paper!
Santa brought him a ball, some toy trucks, a fire engine, a leap frog magnetic toy for the fridge, a dump truck with blocks, and a busy zoo block.
Hunter loved the truck horn on his new fire engine!

He also got busy with his Busy Zoo. It was too Funny watching him. He would play with one toy for about ten minutes and then crawl to the next. He couldn't decide with all these options. He has never had so many toys before! Before even stockings were done Tony had crawled back into bed. An two hour nap later we opened stocking.

Before going to Anton's mom side of the family Christmas we stopped by his parents for a little while. Hunter got a sweet bulldozer from his Aunt Terra and a John Deer wagon from his grandparents.
Then Tony found something peculiar in his stocking. : )
At his greats Hunter had a blast socializing with his cousins!
Hunter and Blair had lots of floor time.
Hunter loved getting into Sophia's space.
Taylor and Hunter got along great.
Cousin Amy has the touch.
Then it came for the money bag time. Basically you get one chance to take a handful out of the bag to see how much you can get. Hunter held his own. Course Tony beat everyone again like he does almost every year. One handful of Change he got 44.70. I only got 16.50. I guess you know what they say about big hands. More change out of the money bag. Tony's a nice daddie and gives it all to Hunter. I guess I got to be a nice mommie to then. Then we pretty Much went home and crashed! What a Christmas week. We have one Christmas left on Saturday with my other Grandparents. Then we will move from Christmas week to Bday month. Three bdays one month and two are on the same day.
Happy Holidays everyone! The only thing that could have made it better if my brother is here. Hopefully he has a Merry Christmas wherever he is.

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Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

Christmas PJ's are the best!!! You are not a nerd at all!

Hunter is so darling! I'm glad you enjoyed his first Christmas!!

Have fun on Saturday at your grandparents.