12 December 2008

Hunter the Snowman!

Being born in January the snow that we recieved this week was by far not his first snow. It was his first snow that he was allowed to play in. My goodness did he think it was yummy. Poor guy his coat was so fluffy he couldn't really move his arms to play in it. It made me think of the little kid in the Christmas story. He would fall in the snow and all he could do was make a fluffy baby angel cause he sure couldn't crawl anywhere. I need to find him some better snow gear and snow pant so his poor lil legs don't get wet. All in all the fifteen minutes we spent in the snow were still a blast. Pretty much anything with Hunter is a blast. I am going to get ready for the next snow so he can really experiance it. Baby snow fort? Also, he got to spend some time with his Grand Aunt Jodi and Uncle Chuck when they came to visit Granny Di.He put his grumpy cause I am teething act on. He sure knows how to enterain company. : )

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Earl Gearl said...

Awwww. What cute pictures!