02 December 2008

Happy Turkey Day!

Okay I know I am a bit late on the Thanksgiving post, but I had to work the weekend afterward. Any who, what a wonderful laid back Thanksgiving. Normally Anton and I are running around trying to go every where and see everyone. Not this year! I had the week off and spent my vacation at home with my immediate lovely family. Tony, Hunter, and I got some good quality time in. I wish I had a little more time with my husband, but we still had a wonderful time and more time together than we had in a long long time. The best Part of my Thanksgiving vacation was the Friday afterwards! Tony, Hunter, and I went to Prairie Pines to cut down our first Christmas Tree. Hunter got to meet Santa for the first time. He thought he was the coolest ever and was very interested by his beard. Poor guy had to hold his beard up the whole time. He gave Hunter a candy cane. That candy cane came in handy when we were cutting down the tree. I didn't think about bringing snacks on the horse drawn carriage ride over to the tree lot. He was not a happy camper. Viola candy cane instant elated child. That thing kept him content for over an hour. The magic of Christmas. lol. I know many of you are thinking I am a bad mom since I let my kid have sugar, but if you saw the amount of turkey, sweet potatoes, pumpkin bread, corn, carrots, potatoes, ham, noodles, and mashed potatoes that he had the day before oh and that morning, oh and later that evening you would know that he is a good eater and a little sweet something is not going to ruin his diet. My son sure can throw down some food. I have thought about asking the doctor if it is normal that my ten month old son is eating as much as many adults. He isn't over weight by any means so I am not too worried. Sidetracked what? Where was I? Oh yeah. We picked out a sweet tree with a corkscrew trunk(we found out that makes it hard to put it in the base straight!). The pines are super soft which we thought would be good for Hunters digestive track. I am sure at least one is going to make it through. I am just being realistic here. I love the tree. I wish we could keep it always. Anyways here are our pix. We tried to get one of the three of us. It didn't really work so well. : ) Happy Holidays.