07 December 2008

A Doe A Deer.

I finally finished decorating my tree. If you look real close all the ornaments are towards the top of the tree. Wonder why? See the child. That should answer your question. By the way if you are opening any presents that I have wrapped and find some cherrios or crackers... Well those are little gifts from Hunter. He was adamant about assisting me in the wrapping process.
I didn't get a buck this year, but I got a nice doe. I had a blast and wanted to stay all day and the next. Maybe next year Hunter will be big enough to tag along. Probably not, but I am sure it will come fast enough. He sure liked looking at them while we were hanging them up. I am excited to get the summer sausage and jerky done.
Happy Holidays!

1 comment:

Brad said...

That is a nice sized doe. I am looking forward to some jerky.