22 November 2008

Ten Month Pix

I went thinking I was going to get Thanksgiving pictures and I got these instead. I guess I will have two sets of Christmas pix this year. Oh well. I think they are adorable.

I love this concept. I so wish I could have gotten this one!

Hunter loves books! He will sit and look at the pix, feel the page, and flip the page. He makes it look like he is actually reading. I love it!


Jenae C. said...

I love your pictures! Where do you get them done?

Mercedes said...

JcPenny's. They are super cheap for traditional pix. 3 dollar a sheet I think. I love them they normally do a good job.

heathersister said...

What a little cutie!!!

Thanks for visiting my saucy blog today.

Tracy said...

Hi, I just happened to pop in to visit your blog for the first time tonight (saw you on roll call at SITS).
Love the pictures .... he's such a cute little boy.
Also my maiden name was Hayes....just wanted to say hi.
Have a good night!

Sissy said...

holy crap! first - that kid is CUTE! second - is it just my kid who makes the idea of taking professional pictures terrifying? I'm impressed :)

Mercedes said...

Thanks! I am a neurotic mother and take him to get his pix everymonth since he was about two weeks so he is pretty much used to the pix thing by now. The trick is to train them young. lol.