04 November 2008

Standing Tall

Among all the things Hunter is learning right now standing is one of them. He will walk around things, but not by himself yet. He can only stand for 2.4 seconds by himself, but he is sure getting bold and starting to try more frequently. He is determined to be independent so quickly. Mommie is not ready. Tear. He is pretty much mainly on table food already and he thinks he needs to feed himself the whole time. Doesn't want mommies help. Thank goodness he is still such a cuddle bug or I would be completely heart broken. In a couple of months he will be done breast feeding as well. One step at a time or I am going to overwhelm myself. Didn't I just give birth? Where in the world did this little Man come from?

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Earl Gearl said...

Isn't it funny how fast time flies!?!? I feel like I was just getting my positive yesterday, but I'm almost 17 weeks. And I know Logan's childhood is going to go even faster. I just want to slow time down!