22 November 2008

Notice Something.

When I was in second grade I came home from school and saw a man in my dad's office. I thought hmm it must be one of his co-workers. Then the man started to speak. What?! How in the world is this stranger using my dad's voice? At the time it was the scariest feeling and I was overwhelmed by fear. I still distinctly remember the overwhelming emotion. My dad said I just stared at him and slowly curled up in the fetal position and stayed there until someone else came. He said he couldn't get me to budge. I refused to be near him or speak to him for three weeks until his beard grew back. (Man I was a brat). Well now my dad is interviewing for some jobs and thought it would help if he was clean shaven. He asked me to do it this time. So I did. I thought that now I am in my twenties I could be more mature about it. I couldn't look at him in the face. It was the weirdest thing ever. I love my dad to pieces, but it just seems off with out the beard. I seriously wanted to curly up in a ball. How weird is that. I felt like I was rushed back into time and I was that terrified second grader again. Course I still talked to him even if I was looking at his feet. hahaha. Poor Daddie. Hunter didn't even notice. I don't know what my problem is. Well good luck on your interviews Daddie. (Everybody be praying that he is successful soon, so he can look normal again. I am still such a brat. ; )


brad said...

Yes, you are a brat. But, I love you anyway.

The Wendt Family said...

I'm with you ... I like him best with a beard. It's just so ... him.