01 November 2008

Hunter's First Happy Halloween!

For not being ten months yet, Hunter sure knows how to have a good time. My goodness what a fun packed Halloween. On Wednesday Hunter already was getting Halloween treats from all over: Granny Di, Grampa Hayes, Grampa Brown, Aunt Terra and Uncle MIke, Cathy Mikus, Ducky, Mommie and Daddie, Granny and Pappy, Great Grama and Grampa Brown. My goodness it was like Christmas. Thank you all for spoiling my child. He had a hay day with all of his treats and found out that he likes suckers. This is not going to become a habit. Just a Halloween thing. : ) I was a tad indulgent for Halloween. I just couldn't help it. I am such a kid at heart. Thursday hey went trick or treating at his Great Brown's. There he transitioned from his Army crawl he has been fashioning for quite sometime to actually crawling. Tell you the truth I was a little sad. It is happening so fast. It feels like he was just born. Ohh does it ever slow down?
Friday to start off the official Halloween festivities he took mommie to his daycare Halloween bash. Let me tell you that boy can throw down some food. All the kids were in adorable costumes politely eating their pizza rolls, tots, chicken nuggets, and pizza. Hunter the pirate on the other hand was using both hands to cram as much food as he could in his mouth. The amount of food he had would have stuffed me. He then proceeded to eat a cupcake in its entirety. How in the world a child that size could eat that much? Who knows? He even was helping the kid next to him clean his plate. What an oinker! They then all played with the treats that they got. Hunter was content playing like it was no big deal that he just ate 20lbs of food.
Later that night we finished carving pumpkins while chillin with the neighbors. As soon as it was twighlight we headed out to bang down some doors with the neighbor girls to gather some Halloween booty. He got more than I am going to let him eat. What a shame. : )We then stopped by the house to hang in the front yard with Daddie. We had a cook out while waiting for all the trick or treaters to stop by. We only got about thirty this year, but all were friendly and well dressed for the occassion. Some even liked our house so much that they paid us a visit twice. Aunt Terra even came by to drop off another treat and have some chocolate Mallows. Boy did we all sleep good last night. Happy Halloween!

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Brad said...

No, they never do stop growing up fast. Next thing you know, he will be married and taking his own kid out to trick or treat. Its a blink of an eye. :-)