24 November 2008

Baby steps.

Okay they are with a walker, but still cool right?! He is cruising around with this thing. My goodness he is so proud of himself to. It feels like he just started crawling yesterday. He is also trying to attempt to crawl on the couch. He hasn't succeeded yet, but he sure is getting his leg up there!

Look at this! This is Hunter's Christmas Tree I got him for Halloween. I wasn't expecting anything. I just figured I would water it for a couple months, nothing would happen, and I would throw it out. Isn't it so cute! What a neat idea for a dollar. Yes I get excited about the little things. : ) Have a great Holiday season!


Midwest Mommy said...

It looks like our little guys are very close in age. Aren't they great!

I live...therefore I consume. said...

My son is 10 months old too! This is a great age! I love your blog and all the pics of cute lil Hunter! Neat idea for the Christmas tree!

Tiffany said...

Look at that smile!

What a cutie!

Mercedes said...

Thank you all. I lovce this age. It is a blast!