12 October 2008

Walter's Pumpkin Patch.

Yesterday we went to Walter's Pumpkin Patch. Let me tell you I could hardly hold my britches I was so excited to go. It was the fundraiser day for the Luekemia society so all ticket proceeds went to the leukemia society and all the Starbuck's coffee proceeds went to the Leukemia society. Yes I drank a cup of starbuck's coffee doubly in Diana's honor. : )
Well all four of us had a blast. I did the pumpkin slingshot. I almost got some people with my pumpkins cause they got lost and well weren't exactly where they should have been. We picked out some cute pumpkins, pushed Hunter in the swing, took about everything out of Hunter's mouth, watched the pumpkin chunkin, Hunter attempted rididng a trike, speculated what tractor's they were using and how the farmed the land, and well of course shopped. I love fall and am ready for some pumpkin pie. : )

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Anonymous said...

I soooo wish I could have been there! Hugs!