16 October 2008

Trick or Treat! 9 Months.

I love Halloween. I also love that I have a beautiful child to dress up in Halloween costumes. I am a lucky mommie.
Japanese Kimono outfit courtesy of Aunt Terra and Uncle Mike. Yes it really is from Japan. (I wish he didn't look so scared in this pix. Poor baby.)
I so wish I could have got this one. I love it.
I love my lil pirate baby.
I did get this one since it is on special. It will become part of my yearly halloween decor.
I got this one in my free 8x10. Oh I love it.

I love this look. Hey what you doin?

Daddie's ears.
I love his little chub.
aren't his ears perfectly adorable.

Giggle butt.

Pirate costume courtesy of Aunt Terra and Uncle Mike. Thanks you all!
I love how his whole face lights up when he smiles.
Isn't the pirate costume amazing. I love it. What a perfect first Halloween costume.

The cute baby in the costume is courtesy of God, Anton, and Me. Lol!
Look at them teeth. Just like a pirate. : )


Anonymous said...

He is the sweetest looking pirate, ever! Hugs!

Mercedes said...

I must agree that you have the cutest grandbaby ever. That is courtesy of Anton and me. Hahaha.

Earl Gearl said...

Those pics are too stinking cute!