23 October 2008

Happy Birthday Granny Di!

Our family we would like to wish the most wonderful Granny Di a Happy Birthday! I know this year you do not get to spend your birthday where you want. A hospital room just isn't home no matter how well you decorate. I just want to remind you that you are loved. Good times lay ahead for you just as many as you already have had. Here are a few reminders of the good times of life.


Anonymous said...

Our prayers are withe you.

a quote. . . .

"Christians should be able to live about these circumstances (problems in the world.) No matter what happens in our culture, we MUST remind ourselves that we are citizens of heaven. We have a home prepared for us that is not built with human hands. As Christians, we should be positive - not negative. This does not mean we shouldn't be realistic. But it also means we shouldn't be pessimistic. The Bible teaches us that we are to be people of hope." ~ Gene A Getz

Anonymous said...

I finally felt good enough today to get caught up on your blog. I love this. Thank you so much. Hugs!