27 October 2008

Halloween Treats.

What do you get a nine month old for Halloween? I know most would say nothing, because he won't even remember it. I say if I take pictures he will remember it. LOL. His Granny Di hand painted the adorable Halloween tote. I guess for most of kids you just fill up the tote with candy. Um 9 months.... Well I don't think it is a good idea for him to have tons of candy, so I got him some yogurt melts. If you have small kids you should try them! I just got him some mixed berry this week and he loves them. Hopefully he will love the peach just as much. If you have every tried space ice cream it is kind of like that, but yummier. It melts in your mouth, so you do not have to worry about a choking hazard. They are also made from real fruit. Good stuff. I must admit that I have snuck a few for myself. Quality control for the baby right?! Then I got him a pumpkin bear that screams like a banshee when you squeeze it. It is so cute. All the proceeds from that bear went to the Leukemia society. I then got a frame for our first trip to the pumpkin patch. I thought it was a pretty rad frame. Following the frame I took a trip down the dollar or less aisle of target. I got the cutest monster book, monster magnets, monster stickers (what will he safely do with stickers... I haven't thought that far ahead), wooden blocks(oh he will love those), and a grow your own Christmas tree. I figured start growing it on Halloween and hopefully it will be here by Christmas. Okay the magnets, tree, and stickers are sounding like they are more for me than him since he is a little young. Whatever, it is all in good fun. I also made little treat bags for his lil friends. Too cute. I love the dollar aisle. Next on the to do list. Carve pumpkins! I am excited!
Hope you all have a Happy Halloween! I hope our colds are cleared up by then, so trick or treating will be a blast. Wait... What am I thinking?! Even if we were sick as dogs we wouldn't dare miss out on Halloween.

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