26 October 2008

Get it.

Yesterday, Sick Hunter and I went took and hour and half long trip to help a friend move in. What a filled day. In the morning when I was getting him ready I could hear him talking to himself. I walked in and he was saying ball... ball... ball... as he was playing with one of his tennis balls. When we arrived at Tiffany's he fell in love with her dog. They played together most of the day. Pearl would dance for Hunter and Hunter would do his weeble wop for pearl. Towards the end of the day Tiffany was holding Hunter while playing with pearl. Pearl was chasing her tail so Tiffany kept saying "get it! get it!". Then Hunter thought he needed to be apart of the fun and started saying "get it! get it!" It was hilarious. Now today when I say get it to Hunter he just cracks up. This learning to speak thing is happening a lot more quickly than I realized. Goodness. Words in Hunter's reportiore: Dada, Mama, Nana, Hi, Hey, Ball, and Get it. (those are all I can think of that he says right now.)


Chelley N said...

Wow! He says so much... must be a smart guy :-)

brad said...

He needs to be saying Grampa!!! I am upset he isn't.