17 September 2008

8 months!

Okay everyone at work is giving me such a hard time about getting Hunter's pictures taken so many times. Hey leave me alone. My baby is a cutie and I want memories from every stage. I mean look at these aren't they adorable.

This one melts my heart. I so wish I could have gotten this one. I am thinking about talking Anton into it. Look at our lil cowboy. He is wearing his hat that he got from his first time to the state fair.

Peter rabbit. A classic. He is wearing a peter rabbit pj's and of course chewing on a peter rabbit book. Don't take the book away cause he will get real upset with you.

I just love the montages they put together. I just wish they weren't so expensive.

Oh this one is so cute as well.

Look at that big old crocidile tear. It made mommie feel horrible for taking away his book.

Look at those big blue eyes. They are starting to look a bit hazel maybe. I am not sure what you call it. I have even heard people call his eyes green. They can look green at a distance depending on the outfit.

The perfect example of why you do not take a book away from my son. I am not sure why he is so attached to books, but he loves them.

I got this one. It may not look as cool as it does in black in white, but oh it is still heart grabbing. (Black and white is 11 dollars more a sheet. Come on people it doesn't really cost more for you to print it in black and white does it. No!)

Mmmm rope!

Two dudes trying to get into trouble.

My grampa rox!

Off course he had to get some cowboy pix with his grampa Brown. They are sure buds. I am going to try to get his pix with his other grands at his 10 month pix.


Earl Gearl said...

Do you actually hang all these pics on the wall? Is there a Hunter shrine in your house? Just kidding. They are really cute pictures!

Mercedes said...

Thank you. I love showing off my cute baby. I am excited to see pictures of your new teddy bear.
I don't get to buy all of them. I buy 2 or 3. I then scan them and the ones I don't give a way stay in an envelope until I can get a frame for them(which will probably 18 years from now.lol). I have a couple of frames. I layer them with pictures and rotate them out. My goodness frames are expensive. Now Diana does have a Hunter shrine. Her whole china cabinet top is covered in Hunter goodness.

Anonymous said...

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a Hunter shrine. I think everyone should! And, I can't wait to add some of these pictures to it. As always, they are just wonderful. Thank you so much for having a picture of him n the Peter Rabbit sleeper. So precious. Hugs!!!