28 September 2008

Look Hunter

Yesterday Hunter went to the Birthday party of his babysitter's daughter. It was the little girls 2nd birthday. When they had her come in to meet everyone she was in her pretty pink dress and bawling. Then she saw Hunter. "Hi Hun-Ter!" and she gave him a big hug. After the hugs, everyone went to the living room for her to open presents. Apparently she didn't realize that anyone else was in the room. She would open a present and say "look Hunter" and then would give it to him to play with. Every gift. They tried to make her go across the room and she would still drag the toy over to show Hunter. She would even try to stick some of the toys in his mouth for him. Too cute. I am glad that he is able to have such a good friend so early.(They also told us that he was their favorite kid in daycare.) After presents and cake all the kids went to play and Hunter and her hung out playing with the tissue paper. She would grab it out of the bag throw it on him and say "Trash Hunter". Isn't it amazing how well they interact at such a young age. Another example of this is when I went to the back of the auditorium today at church and my friend who had a son a month before I did was standing there as well. Hunter reached out for him and Carter reached back. We put them both on the floor. They talked and talked, climbed over each other, held hands, and talked some more. I love that he has friends already.

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