04 September 2008


Sometimes life happens so fast I don't know where to start. Hunter went to his first party at his daycare. It was one of the kids birthdays, so they partied and then went swimming in the pool. The report was he had a blast and loved the water. He is definitely a social butterfly. (or should I say monkey)I love the pictures they took. I decided not to post the really good ones since I didn't ask the other kids parents to put photos up. My goodness are they cute.
Oh...My chunky monkey is turning into the chunky chipmunk. He is popping up teeth like no other. I feel sorry for the poor chipmunk and impressed with how well he is handling the pain. I have a tough baby (as long as mommie is near). Oh and he got the cutest NIKE shoes. Oh they are adorable. Even the firemen he got his picture taken with thought they were stylin'. He insisted on wearing them all the way to the lake. Okay maybe I did. They are sooo cute.
At the lake we could tell that fall is coming. The water was a tad cooler. He still loved it even though there were no pickles this time. I do think this year there will be no more swimming in the lake. Brrr I about lost my toes.
After a day at the lake Hunter decided that he deserved some spaghetti like everyone else. He sure can eat and has a talent for making a mess.
Sunday after church Hunter went to go help his daddie cut down a tree at his grandparents. He hammed it up.
Oh and my lil man is learning how to give kisses. He has been watching his daddie to much and hasn't been closing his mouth. Those two... I swear. The next trip to the lake he thought that he had watched his daddie enough and he was going to captain the boat. I feel bad for crushing his dreams so early. I could keep going about our wonderful weekend and my beautiful family, but my son is done eating and is ready to play. Enjoy the pix.

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