04 August 2008

What a distraction!

Hunter distracts us wonderfully from our troubles in life. He is such a talker and cuddlebug. I swear he starting to try to say dada. I am jealous and excited all at once. Yes I was not so secretly hoping mama would be his first word. It is fun watching Hunter and his dad together. They are great pals. It is also fun watching Hunter with the other children at church. At small group Sunday night, precious little Ben who is about a year and a half was investigating Hunter's face. His mom became embarassed when Ben stuck his finger up Hunter's nose. Hunter thought it was the coolest thing ever. Him and another little boy Hayden are so sweet and bring Hunter toys to play with. Hunter gets so excited and laughs hysterically. That causes the little boys to laugh which makes Hunter laugh more and so on and so on.
I think it has been confirmed that Hunter loves the outdoors. During his fussy time of the day I try to take him outside to play. He just becomes perfectly content and chatty. He also is starting to get accustomed to the lake water faster. He also got to watch his mommie and daddie water ski this weekend. What a good son! : ) Oh yeah we bought him a rug to learn to crawl on. Well he loves the rug, but not to practice crawling on. I guess he prefers the bed for that. ; )

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