03 August 2008

Sweet Date

Yesterday was the anniversary of Anton's and my first date. I was so nervous getting ready. I spent all day trying to get together the right outfit. He picked me up and had a rose on the seat waiting for me. He was such handsome man ( Still is). MMM. We ate at Jimmy's Diner and went to go see Finding Nemo. Yes that is right Finding Nemo. I love that movie. We talked all night and everynight after that for several weeks. I guess we still do. The last five years have flown by. Oh I am so lucky to be in love. : ) Yes I am gushy. lol.

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Brad said...

I guess I have to tell the story again about sitting across the table in AJ's eating pizza with you talking about how you had meet Tony and how he was this really nice guy but you were afraid he would never call you. And just as you said that he would never call you, the phone rang and it was him asking you out on a date. The joyous look in your face while you were talking to him is among my fondest memories.

I love you pookie,