10 August 2008

Say What?

I knew it! I got a text message today at work(Yes I have to work every other weekend. I want to be a stay at home mommie soo bad) that Hunter said dada. I called Anton right away. He said it was clear as day. He was taking him his bottle and out came Dada. Ohh I am so excited. Course my heart broke. Not that he said dada, but that I missed his first word. I am a horrible mother. I am missing my son grow up while I am investigating issues at a pharmaceutical company. They could hire someone else, but my son can't. Yeah I have a genius son. Talking at 7 months. Woohoo.


Brad said...

Kids grow up fast. Before you know it, they have flown the nest. Enjoy every minute with your kids that you can.

I love you,


Anonymous said...

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